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Gloria gu

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Chino mandarín
Chino mandarín


Chino mandarín

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Hi there! I’m Gloria , I’m a native Chinese speaker and have lived in qingdao for 7 years. i graduated from qingdao agriculture university in 2015 . I’m a professional Chinese teacher, holding the international Chinese teacher certificate. I love traveling ,cooking and painting, for the great passion for painting ,i opened my own design studio . I love different cultures and the languages of different countries , i like to share with you about the interesting story and interesting place I have experienced and the culture you want to know about China. So lets be friends and talk!!
I’ve been teaching for about 3 years. im very good at communicating with people , i like playing games with the students to make them interested in learning ,in order to better remember what they learned during the lesson, best way to learn is by making the mind of young ones motivated by games and puzzles.
My first time experience teach Chinese was when I was in college. I got a part-time job as a tutor for about 1 year ,i taught some foreign students , i found i really love this job and it brings me a lot of fun and cultural knowledge. Although my major is chemistry,I learned modern and ancient Chinese by myself and got the international Chinese teacher certificate.
Since the end of 2016, I have become a full-time Chinese teacher which teaching online . I am very grateful to my students for their trust and support and have become trusted friends. I have enough experience to help you learn Chinese . Annnnd one more thing ,hahah my Chinese accent is excellent, my Mandarin pronunciation is very standard!
what I can do is - to build up your confidence in Speaking Chinese,in my class, you can just say whatever you want, in whatever way you like, believe that you can actually speak Chinese and i would help you improve it.
Annnd about our class,our classes will be centered around conversation and practicing your communication skills and pronunciation. All I do is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident when speaking Chinese. I can explain how Chinese thinks and what is the proper way to express yourself in Chinese, in a word, more native.
Currently, i offer three types of classes :
1) - For real beginner Lesson : you will receive a professional text material from the first lesson start with Pinyin, Tones practice, Vocabulary focus, Conversation skills
2) - Free conversation and discussion Lesson: Suitable for student who have some basic learning experience and wish to improve conversational skills.
3) - HSK Lesson : for all levels, HSK standard course lesson material . Training your listening, speaking, reading, writing, typing skills
Annnnnd i can also provide grammar explanations and exercises.I have my own materials which can help you improve your Chinese . I can also make a new one for you if you want .and you can also tell me what you want to learn.
After our class ,i can provide the class vedio and ppt.
I cant wait to help you ,hopefully i can bring you a pleasant Chinese learning experience:)

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