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Hi, I'm John! I have been an ESL/EFL teacher since 1995 (more than 25 years) and I have taught students in Canada (my home country), China, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. I hold the CELTA teaching certificate from Cambridge University and I am a former IELTS speaking examiner (I like challenges).

I prefer to teach high school and university students, and working adults; if this is you, sign up for a free trial lesson (you really can't do better than free, can you?). I love travelling and I currently live in Merida, Mexico, where I am hoping to gain permanent residence status. Before that, I lived in China for around 12 years. I love to meet new people and talk to them, so I'm waiting for your call; we can have organized, goal-oriented classes or you can use me to simply practice your speaking while I offer guided feedback. Whatever you need, just let me know. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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1998 - 1998
CELTA (Certificate of English Language Training for Adults)
Columbia College (via Cambridge University, London, UK) - Vancouver, BC, Canada
One month, 100 hour onsite training course in how to deliver English language classes to non-native learners
1989 - 1994
Bachelor of Arts degree, English Literature major
University of Victoria - Victoria, BC, Canada
focus on English Literature & acquisition of research & essay writing skills

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2015 - 2016
EAP Instructor / Lecturer
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals - Hafr al-Batin, Saudi Arabia
delivering intensive English language acquisition classes to university age males, administrative duties (attendance, marking homework, conducting & grading in-class exams, writing supplementary materials & exams, other duties as required)
2013 - 2014
EAP Instructor / Lecturer
Hong Ling Middle School - Shenzhen, China
Designed & delivered EAP classes to university age students, wrote course syllabus for EAP classes in introductory English & Western Culture, collaborated with Chinese teachers to assign student grades to more than 300 students, participated in extra-curricular student activities, other administrative duties as required
2012 - 2013
EAP/Oral English Instructor
Shanghai Dianji University - Minhang, Shanghai, China
Designed & delivered EAP classes to university age students, administrative duties (taking attendance, assigning & grading homework, writing supplementary study materials & exams, grading exams, other duties as required), participating in extracurricular activities with students
2008 - 2009
EAP Instructor / Lecturer
Sino-British College - Shanghai, China
Delivered EAP classes to university age students, wrote EAP supplementary study materials, administrative duties (taking attendance, supporting & making counselling recommendations to weaker students, writing student reference letters to international universities, other duties as required)
2005 - 2008
ESL Instructor / Course Lecturer
Campus College - Shanghai, China
Taught conversational English to university age students, wrote curriculum for & taught courses on Business English, Business Writing & Intercultural Communication
2004 - 2005
EAP Instructor
SILC (Sidney Institute of Language & Commerce) - Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China
Taught an Australian-based ESL/EAP curriculum to university age Business students, participated in extra curricular student activities, administrative duties (taking attendance, assigning & marking homework, writing, administering & grading exams, assigning grades, other duties as required)
2002 - 2003
EAP Instructor
Niagara College - Shanghai Commercial School, Shanghai, China
Taught beginner & intermediate ESL classes to senior high students as part of a joint program between Niagara College (Ontario, Canada) & Shanghai Commercial School
2001 - 2002
Grade 7 EAP Instructor
Dalian Maple Leaf International School - Dalian, Liaoning Province, China
Taught beginner & intermediate ESL classes to junior high boarding school students, wrote supplementary teaching materials, wrote, administered & graded exams, administrative duties (taking attendance, classroom management, other duties as required), participating in extra curricular activities, participating in staff meetings & staff projects
1998 - 2001
part-time & freelance ESL teacher
various institutions - Vancouver, BC, Canada
**had to return home due to family illness & emergency; taught part-time & on call for various ESL schools in the greater Vancouver Regional District
1997 - 1998
EAP Instructor
Gyeongsang National University - Chinju, South Korea
Taught listening, speaking & writing classes to university age freshman students, participated in extra curricular student activities, administrative duties as required (attendance, assigning grades, etc)
1995 - 1997
EFL Conversational Instructor
TOP Language Academy - Cheongju, South Korea
Taught English conversation to elementary age students at an after-school study center (or "hagwon", as they're known in South Korea), administrative duties as required
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