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Richard Clement - General & Business English / IELTS / FCE / CAE

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Do you need to improve your IELTS speaking score? Do you need to attend meetings, write email/reports, or speak to colleagues at work in English?

If so, I can help you.

~ My Background ~

I’ve been teaching general English at all levels, including business and academic English for 6 years.

After you have scheduled a lesson with me, I will ask your English learning goals. During your first few lessons, we will work together to create a study plan that you can take with you, even if you decide not to continue lessons with me. This means you will be able to continue to improve your English on your own!

I have a CELTA certificate in teaching English, as well as a Bachelor of Computer Science. I worked in the Information Technology field for over 18 years, at many corporations such as Rothschild, Siemens, KPMG, Westinghouse and Australia Post.

7 years ago, I decided to change career and follow my passion which is teaching!!

I have also taught juggling for about 20 years and I love seeing the joy on someone’s face when they learn something new. It’s amazing to watch someone improve their skills over time.

I am also a life/business coach and very focused on helping my students achieve their English, life, and business goals.

~ Me as a Teacher ~

I feel that I am extremely empathetic and always try to ensure that my clients are getting the most out of their learning experience, regardless of whether they are in a classroom or one on one situation. I try to constantly improve myself as a teacher by using continuous improvement techniques to re-assess how each teaching session went.

Having good rapport with my students is vital - I realise that learning a language can be a very difficult process and I always try to support students by being aware of their needs and also how much/little feedback they should be receiving in each situation.

~ I am experienced teaching the following ESL topics ~

+ General English: Beginner > Advanced
+ Academic exam preparation: IELTS, FCE, CAE, TOEFL, PTE, etc.
+ Business English: meetings, interviews, presentations, resumes, job applications, email/report writing, and general communication with work colleagues.

~ My Lessons and Teaching Style ~

I believe it is important for the student to get the most out of their lesson time. Therefore, I encourage my students to do most of the speaking and try to limit myself to asking questions/facilitating conversation or providing corrections where necessary.

For correction, I try to provide feedback immediately for grammar, vocabulary of pronunciation mistakes. I feel this is one of the best ways a student can learn and improve.

I regularly receive feedback from students that I am extremely patient and that I am an excellent teacher.

~ Testimonial ~

I have taken English lessons from several teachers but Richard is definitely the best. He tries to understand your needs to organize a tailor-made lesson for you.

If you want to learn English or improve your language level learnding with Richard is the right choice!

Fabrizia Noro (biomedical researcher - Italy)

~ My Vision Statement ~
Help my students achieve their personal & career goals, while improving their English language.

~ My Ethos ~
+ Authenticity
+ Integrity
+ Continuous self-improvement of myself & clients
+ Passion for helping students
+ Be grateful to be a part of your journey
+ Humility within all interactions

~ My Core Goals ~
Help my students:
+ Create & achieve their English learning goals
+ Improve their confidence
+ Discover & release their passion for learning languages
+ Secure a satisfying career
+ Find inspiration within themselves
+ Improve personal & professional time & project management skills
+ With their professional writing needs - theses, papers, assignments & resumes
+ Constantly challenge myself & my clients while using humility

I greatly look forward to meeting you online so that we can create your tailor-made lesson and study plan.

Richard Clement
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briefcaseExperiencia profesional

2015 - 2020
Life & Business Coach
Personal Business - Melbourne, Australia
Life and business coaching
2017 - 2020
ESL Teacher
EC English - Melbourne, Australia
General English Beginner > Advanced & IELTS Academic Exam Preparation
2018 - 2018
ESL Teacher
OHC English - Melbourne, Australia
General English: Beginner > Advanced & EAP
2016 - 2017
ESL Teacher
Directors Languages - Brussels, Belgium
General & Business English
2016 - 2017
ESL Teacher
Open Context - Brussels, Belgium
General English Teaching - Beginners to Advanced
2016 - 2017
ESL Teacher
CLL Language Centre - Brussels, Belgium
General/Business English: Beginner > Advanced
2017 - 2017
ESL Teacher
Semantics - Brussels, Belgium
General English: Intermediate > Advanced & Business English


2015 - 2015
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
Cambridge - Brussels, Belgium
English Second Language Teacher
1994 - 1992
Bachelor of Technology - Computer Studies
Monash University - Melbourne, Australia
Computer Studies
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