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1. 동사+ -기 십상이다 / Verb+ -기 십상이다

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1. 동사+ -기 십상이다 / Verb+ -기 십상이다
>>>>>>>>>>앞 문장의 상황이 되기 쉽다거나 그럴 가능성이 크다는 의미를 나타낸다
Indicates that the situation in the preceding sentence is likely to be or is likely to occur
easily to be/likely to be/most probably be.
~기 십상이다 can be used to describe matters of fact like weather, illnesses, or anything that has got to do with nature or generally known facts.

경험자의 말을 안 들으면 실패하기 십상이다.
[경험자에 마를 안 드르면 실패하기 십쌍이다]
If you don't listen to the experienced, you'll fail.

경험자 Experienced person/ a person who has actually done or experienced something.
말 Expressing and delivering thoughts or feelings with voice symbols. or such a result.
advice, suggestion
듣다 listen to
실패하다 fail

안전모를 안 쓰고 오토바이를 타면은 크게 다치기 십상입니다.
[안전모를 안 쓰고 오토바이를 타며는 크게 다치기 십쌍임니다]
If you ride a motorcycle without a safety helmet, you will get seriously hurt.
If you don't wear a hard hat and ride a motorcycle, you are likely to get seriously injured.

안전모 safety[crash] helmet, hard hat[helmet]
쓰다 wear
오토바이 motorcycle
타다 ride
크게 seriously
다치다 hurt ,injure

그렇게 무리하다간 감기에 걸리기 십상이다
[그러케 무리하다간 감기에 걸리기 십쌍이다]
It's easy to catch a cold if you do that too much.
You'll probably catch a cold if you overdo it.

그렇게 so, like that, in that manner, (in) that way
무리하다 It doesn't make sense or is too far off the ground.
Work too hard / bite off more than you can chew / overdo
감기에 걸리다 catch a cold / get a cold

※ ‘-기 십상이다’ 는 ‘-기가 쉽다’로 바꿔 쓸 수 있다.
'-기 십상이다' and ‘-기가 쉽다’ can be used interchangeably.