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Do the places you visit inspire you to learn language?

il y a 2 ans

The Cotswolds is often the first place that comes to mind when people think of rural England. It's quintessentially (the most perfect or typical example of something) British. Building laws prevent houses or developments being made in anything other than very specific materials and always include Cotswold stone. It lies in the heart of England, made up of a collection small towns and villages dispersed by rolling hillsides.

I only live 20 minutes away from the area and even I feel like I'm in a Hugh Grant film when I am there, but when I visited the other day it got me thinking: Can places (as opposed to people or cultures etc) inspire you to learn language? And if they can, do some inspire more than others?

In my language learning experience, I think people have always been my main motivation to learn language. When I visited the Alhambra in Granada, I didn't feel myself thinking 'Wow, this has really inspired me to improve my Spanish". But I almost get that feeling from the Cotswolds with English.

What are your experiences? Has a particular place you have visited ever inspired you to learn/improve a language? Why?