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Speak better French : Je suis blessée de te connaitre... Wait be careful of the faux amis part 1

il y a 2 ans
Do you know what happens when you trust a language blindly?
Exactly, you meet the false friends (words looking alike but that are different) and they stab in the back.

French and English are from Latin root, and 45% of English words are of French origin.
The two languages share a lovely yet complicated love story, which leaves us into confusion.
Seriously, don't go to a lingerie store in France and ask for a "bras".

Here are 15 common false friends :
  1. In English we say bra, in French soutien-gorge because bras means your arm.
  2. Raisin in French does not mean dried grapes it simply means grape.
  3. You go to a journey in France, people tell you bonne journée... are they stalking you? No, they have no idea that you are here for a journey. Journée means the day.
  4. You buy books in the librairie, you don't borrow them. You borrow books in a bibliothèque.
  5. You don't use préservatif in a food, but when you have sexe, because a préservatif is a condom.
  6. If you French friend tells you that "J'ai passé un examen" don't celebrate yet, wait for the result,because he only did an exam.
  7. Coin means corner not money since coin in French is pièce de monnaie.
  8. Les meilleures locations does not mean the best places but the best rentals.
  9. Il est un grand homme does not mean that he is a great man but that he is tall, grand can mean great but also tall.
  10. Don't tell someone "j'ai envie de toi" because it does not mean "I envy you" but "I want you".
  11. Teenagers complaining about their bouton are not complaining about the buttons on their clothes but their pimples.
  12. Je suis blessé doesn't mean I am blessed but I am hurt.
  13. Je t'attends means I am waiting for you and not I am attending to you.
  14. To abuse is insulter while abuser is to take advantage.
  15. Actually means en réalité while actuellement means currently.
I will write a part 2 but before that is there any other faux amis that you guys know?
Or have you had any awkward situation due to the faux amis?