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Suggestion about the calendar update

il y a 4 ans

Suggestion 1/

I upload my calendar A LOT in advance and each week is different for me, so I have to re-ajust the general pattern set
I was thinking about the possibility to integrate a level "month" above the weekly calendar, so that we don't waste time to click 10, 20 or 30 times on the right arrow to go to a specific week.

Suggestion 2/

I have noticed that students could be interested in short term bookings. Sometimes, we (teachers) have a time slot which becomes free, but students are not aware of it.
It would be interesting to let them know when the calendar of the teacher is uploaded, so that they can check for any new timeslot available. (usually, they booked in advance, and don't watch the calendar anymore when they have booked or haven't found timeslot available for the current week). It would improve the short term booking rate.
Maybe they could subscribe (or not) an automatic mail when their is any update in the teacher's calendar?