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What are my knowledge after completing French A1?

il y a 2 ans
First of all, it is important to know that it is estimated that in order to have the A1 level, you will need to attend 60 to 100 hours of French class. It is also recommended that a student have 2 classes a week (not on a consecutive day) and each class should be of 1 or 2 hours.
After you obtain the level A1, you will be able to :
  1. Greet others (bonjour, bonsoir and everything that goes with it)
  2. Present yourself (name, nationality, residence...)
  3. Talk about your family members
  4. Talk about your taste
  5. Talk about where you live
  6. Be able to go shop in a French speaking place
  7. Ask about the weather, the day, the time as well as the date
  8. Accept or refuse a suggestion
  9. Read simple text in French (such as a poster)
  10. Fill simple form
  11. Write a postcard
So to all the French beginners, good luck in your learning and don't lose confidence! 😊 😊