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**********************MY METHODOLOGY***********************
Learners A0-A1


I propose various games and activities to systematize the basic rules of French phonetics.
The aim is to familiarise the beginner with the rules and difficulties of French phonetics and to systematize its use.

Speaking and listening

This course aims at acquiring the fundamental bases in order to be able to have a basic conversation in French. The lessons are made up of a series of oral comprehension, written and oral expression activities.
Here are the notions you need to know in order to reach A1 level:
- The alphabet and pronunciation
- Spelling
- Greeting - tu and vous (formal and informal)
- Introduce yourself (1) - name, origin, nationality + verbs: to be (être) - to come (venir)
- Introduce yourself (2) - Meeting: ask questions about work and study
- Expressions to ask questions in class
- Numbers and date + pronunciation
- Introduce yourself (3): sports, age, numbers, date of birth
- Presentations : family situation
- Articles: masculine - feminine (un, une, des / le, la, l’, les)
- Sports, hobbies, daily life activities and tastes
- Introducing yourself (4) : international encounters

Learners A1-B2


Each sequence is based on the following model:
1. an oral or written comprehension from an authentic document allowing to introduce the grammar point followed or preceded by an oral production
2. an activity in which the learner is led to discover the grammar rule
3. one or more practice exercises
4. an oral production activity using the grammar point
5. an exercise to do at home

The activities proposed are intended to be fun, motivating and dynamic: the exercises and oral production require more creativity on the part of the learner, and the activities are more cross-curricular, calling on a variety of lexical fields so as not to be limited to the simple grammatical aspect.
The aim of these sheets is to promote a lively vision of grammar, hence the important part played by oral production.

Vocabulary through oral expression activities

I offer you activities to discover, practice and revise vocabulary on different themes through games, quizzes, sketchnotes, posters etc.
Some activities are purely vocabulary oriented and others give more space to free expression. These activities will allow you to discover, revise or deepen the vocabulary of everyday items, such as food, clothes, furniture etc. Through them you will be able to talk about many elements of everyday life. I will take the opportunity to ask questions and make observation remarks on the grammar point. The students have to answer questions, justify their proposal and to debate on chosen topics. Having a debate allows students to practice and improve their oral skills.

Oral and written production

The topics are presented in the form of a short text accompanied by a picture or a document + videos, songs, podcasts, etc.

Each topic deals with a different lexical field or situation of written or oral communication. For example: asking information, writing a cover letter, apologising for something, making a complaint at the post office, talking about past events, accepting or refusing an invitation, asking for news...

The topics are intended to be funny or original to motivate the learner by offering them topics that are a little off the beaten track. Plus, they will immerse learners in credible communication situations where they will have to use the structures they will need later in real-life written communication situations. I suggest topics that mobilise the skills required for the DELF (A2 and B1 in particular).

Learners B1-C2

Listening comprehension - Reading comprehension - Oral production

The aim of this course is to express oneself spontaneously on a given subject. The learner makes an oral presentation based on a video, podcast or press article, and then has to express his/her personal opinion on the subject.
The material will be sent as a PDF file and contains
- a listening comprehension and oral production activity on current affairs and various themes, such as cinema, the Internet, ecology, love, philosophy, veganism, technology, sport etc.
- a conversation sheet containing general questions on the topic and questions about your personal opinion
- a reading comprehension on the topic
- a debate worksheet
- a series of creative writing and speaking activities
- a vocabulary worksheet

I suggest you work by yourself as well because it is a good way to improve. I will give you an assignment to be completed for the next lesson.
Whatever your reason or your goals for learning French, do not hesitate to contact me.
I will gladly answer your questions.


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