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Simon Pilkington

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My qualifications include a certificate for a 120-hours Premier Online TEFL course. Completing this course gave me a wide-ranging knowledge of grammar and teaching methodology. I am now able to teach English as a foreign language to students of different age groups and abilities, and to plan and resource different kinds of lessons.

I have experience of putting teaching skills into practice. As an English teacher at Alba Languages, I gave classes to Spanish students as part of EFL courses. These included courses working towards Trinity and Cambridge exams, for which I actively prepared students through exam guidance and mock exams. In addition, I was responsible for creating and preparing teaching materials, such as lesson plans, assessments and worksheets.

My teaching skills are further demonstrated by my work as a GCSE English tutor. In this role, I tailored my lessons to the needs and abilities of students, taking into account their individual learning styles. I also ensured my lessons were informed, engaging and relevant to students’ work at school. As some of my students grew up in non-native families, there was often an element of TEFL in my tuition, even though it was based on the GCSE curriculum. At the end of my time as a tutor, I volunteered at the International Society in Manchester, teaching weekly English classes to adult non-native speakers.

Further skills that I possess include clear communication. As a teacher and a tutor, I have been careful to present lessons in language that students can understand and engage with. Before working in education, I spent two years at the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO), a body which deals with complaints about UK public bodies. As part of my work, I wrote investigation reports and corresponded with people at all levels, including senior government officials. This required clear communication across a range of media and contexts. In addition, while at university, I wrote my essays and dissertations in language that was both sophisticated and coherent.

As well as being an effective communicator, I am organised and efficient. As a teacher and a tutor, I have planned lessons in a way that has enabled me to attend them feeling well-prepared. While at the PHSO, I efficiently managed a heavy workload through careful planning and prioritising. I also maintained accurate and up-to-date records and adhered to deadlines and targets. At university, I demonstrated effective organisation when researching for and writing my dissertations. In order to complete these extensive pieces of work by their deadlines, I had to carefully manage my time and clearly record my research for ease of reference.

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2012 - 2014
MA Contemporary History and International Politics
University of York - York, UK
Interdisciplinary MA combining taught modules and independent research dissertation.
2009 - 2012
BA History and Politics
University of Sheffield - Sheffield, UK
Interdisciplinary BA combining taught modules and independent research dissertations.

briefcaseExpérience professionnelle

2018 - 2019
English Teacher
Alba Languages - Lugo, Spain
Teaching English to classes of non-native students.
2018 - 2018
Private English Tutor
Tutorful.com - Manchester, UK
Providing private tuition to GCSE English students.


2018 - 2018
TEFL 120-hour Premier Online
tefl.org.uk - Online
Certificate in TEFL and TESOL