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Lynette Fleetwood

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À propos de moi

I am Celta and Young Learners' certified and have been an English Tutor/Coach to speakers of other languages, for more than eight years.  The bulk of this time was spent traveling all over the world.

Я сертифицирована Celta и Young Learners и являюсь репетитором / тренером по английскому языку для говорящих на других языках более восьми лет. Большая часть этого времени была потрачена на путешествия по всему миру.

Je suis certifié Celta and Young Learners et je suis tuteur / coach d'anglais pour des locuteurs d'autres langues depuis plus de huit ans. La majeure partie de ce temps a été consacrée à voyager dans le monde entier.

Estoy certificado por Celta y Young Learners y he sido tutor / entrenador de inglés para hablantes de otros idiomas, durante más de ocho años. La mayor parte de este tiempo se gastó viajando por todo el mundo.

ich bin Celta und Young Learners zertifiziert und seit mehr als acht Jahren Englischlehrer / Coach für Sprecher anderer Sprachen. Den größten Teil dieser Zeit verbrachte ich damit, um die ganze Welt zu reisen.

My qualifications along with my international exposure, have equipped me with the tools and the skills to Tutor English and make a difference in my students' lives. 

As an English Tutor, my approach to tutoring is practical and involves mostly English Speaking Practice and that is why I refer to myself as an English Coach. Just as a sports coach guides his clients through the process of improving their practical skills, my English Learners also improve their English Speaking Skills through patient and constructive correction and repetition, when needed. This way my students also use better Vocabulary and improve their use of Grammar. Because of my patient and kind teaching style, my students' are less inhibited and can potentially improve their English fluency with greater ease...

The key to my English Tutoring is that I get to know my students very well and can tailor English Speaking Practice accordingly. This means that each lesson taught is unique and each student can feel validated as their individuality is maintained throughout, This creates an interesting and fun e-learning system.

When it comes to Children and Young Learners I implement a different approach to English Coaching. I am extremely sensitive to the moods and feelings of children allowing them the freedom to explore and participate creatively, without inhibitions. I strive to cater to children's individual needs as much as is possible without lesson disruption. I have recently introduced interactive story-telling as an English Coaching tool which is very effective when introducing English to a very young learner or a beginner.

On a more personal note; I enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle and try to encourage others to do so as well. I am a lover of music (most genres) and I am a keen musician myself in that I try to use my talent to sing, wherever I can.

I believe in growing a learner’s confidence in his/her ability to use English (using English is daunting for speakers of other languages) and I believe that I will empower you (as my student) to actually practice and use what you learn during my English lessons.

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2017 - 2017
Young Learners Extension Certificate
Active Language - Cadiz, Spain
This certificate is awarded by Trinity College, through Active Language, to certify that I am qualified to teach English to young speakers of other languages.
2017 - 2017
CELTA Certificate
International House - Johannesburg, South Africa
This certificate is awarded by the University of Cambridge to certify that I am qualified to teach English to adult speakers of other languages.