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Jun Kwak

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Are you looking for a fun Korean lesson, then here I am!

What learning a new language means you start to understand their culture. So I think this is not just a lesson for learning a language. This is a good time to share culture. I would love to share Korean culture with you, but also I wish you could introduce your culture 😄. I am very open to talking about lots of topics such as travel, music, drama, movie, history, politics, science, sports, etc. And It would be much more fun if we conduct classes while sharing actual experiences and cultures.

Hello! I'm Jun from South Korea.
I lived in Korea for over 25 years since I was born there. After that, I started to get around the world. I lived in Australia for 2 years. And now, I am living in Taiwan to explore the new world.
I wasn't good at their mother languages in both countries when I arrived there. Especially it was not easy to learn Chinese at all. Anyway, I have studied English for a long time in Korea. So I didn't worry too much in Australia even though I wasn't good at speaking English. I just need lots of practice to make conversation.
But learning Chinese was totally different. It started with nothing. I was very struggling to study Chinese nearly for 2 years. However, I still can't say my Chinese is good enough 😂. So I totally understand how hard learning a new language is. I would like to share this experience with you. I would be very happy if my experience is helpful for your learning journey 😃.

When it comes to learning a new language, I think the most important thing is speaking. Because we want to communicate with native speakers and understand them or their culture, that's why we learn a new language.
So I would like to carry out the lesson with emphasis on speaking. But don't be afraid. Making mistakes when you speak in a foreign language is bound to happen. Do you know how long a child can communicate with people? The baby can speak fluently through numerous practices.

And you're a Korean language baby. But if you go with me, you can be fluent in Korean.

I am a certificated Korean teacher by the Korean government. And I have 3+ years of experience teaching Korean to variety of foreign students. So I would like to suggest different lessons based on your level.

[Beginner 1]
You will learn how to spell and read 한글 which is the Korean Alphabet. After that, we are going to have lessons with materials I organized. It will be started with very easy vocabulary and grammar such as 'I'm Korean', 'this is a chair'.
The lesson will be carried out in English for beginners. But instead of speaking simple sentences in English, I will speak in Korean. If you say easy sentences such as "Hello," "Thank you," and "Sorry" in Korean, you will gain confidence.

[Beginner 2]
If you already know Hangul or some grammar, but you are not able to speak Korean fluently, I think it would be good to learn more grammar first with the materials I made. But I won't only explain grammar. Since this class is our class, you will speak in Korean as much as possible.
When you get used to speaking in Korean a little bit, the class will be conducted in Korean and English. However, as the class progresses, I will use more Korean than English, and you also should try to speak in Korean as much as possible.

I would like to focus on Speaking for the intermediate level. So lesson will be carried out only in Korean. At the same time, I will not carry out the lesson only through the book.
As I said above, we can talk about any topic such as culture, movie, music, etc. So we can have lessons with your writing. Before the class, you can choose any topic you want and write it in Korean. If you send me that writing a day before the lesson, I will correct your writing. Also, you can naturally learn new grammar while I correct your writing.
After correcting, we're going to talk about that topic. Because you would already know words or information of that topic in Korean through writing tasks, it will be much easier to have a conversation about that. This is the biggest reason I want to ask you to write.
I believe you can express your opinions on topics in various fields through this lesson 😊

[TOPIK writing]
If you send me your TOPIK writing a day before the lesson, I will correct your grammar and teach you natural and proper expressions. I can also help you understand Korean culture.
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Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism - South Korea

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