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🎯 한ꔭ얎 학슔자 ì—ŹëŸŹë¶„ 안녕하섞요, 만나서 ë°˜ê°€ì›Œìš”đŸ˜ƒ
(I've reopened my Verbling schedule and look forward to seeing you soon!)

📚 Study with a professional language tutor in both Korean&English to learn efficiently.
📚 You will hear and attain the standard Korean accent as I was born and raised in Seoul.
📚 You will be provided with the latest and practical lesson materials. A quality lesson is guaranteed.

Welcome😊 Are you looking for the most fun and concise way to learn Korean? Congratulations on visiting the right tutor.👏👏I am certified by the Korean government as a professional Korean teacher. I hold a bachelor's degree from Kookmin Univ. Seoul, and completed a post-degree program from the Canadian state college. I am qualified in teaching Korean and English, but now I'm dedicated to teaching Korean only. I am passionate about languages, and most of all, I love teaching the Korean language.

I began teaching in 2007, when I was in university, as an English teacher for the Korean SAT. đŸ‘©â€đŸŽ“ I'm a lifelong language learner and educator, and I've been teaching Korean to other language speakers since 2017 when I lived in Canada. Thus, I am well-versed in delivering Korean to English speakers. I teach all levels from absolute beginner to proficiency. I make enjoyable and relatable lessons so you can achieve fluency more effectively. We often share different cultures and learn more about the world.🎎

My students include writers, teachers, Koreans, nurses, and working students for Korean universities. They say I'm fun😂, sincere, and know how to keep their motivation alive. I'm happy to see my students develop and become more confident in their Korean language abilities. I studied linguistics and second language acquisition, too. Into our lesson, I incorporate these methodologies without you realizing it.🙀🙀 Lastly, I provide practical learning materials (PDF books, audio files, videos, flashcards, etc) for students.

Note: We focus on growing spoken language ability. It is funđŸ„ł speaking in Korean, and you absorb it naturally. Thanks a lot for reading, and feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!

안녕하섞요, 반갑슔니닀. ì—ŹëŸŹë¶„ì˜ 한ꔭ얎 선생님 Jess입니닀. 저는 수도읞 서욞에서 ë‚˜êł  자란 후, ìșë‚˜ë‹€ì—ì„œ PDD êłŒì •ì„ í•˜ì˜€êł  í˜„ìžŹëŠ” 서욞에 있얎요. ꔐ양있는 ì‚ŹëžŒë“€ìŽ 두룹 쓰는 현대 서욞말을 ì‚Źìš©í•©ë‹ˆë‹€. ì˜šëŒìžìœŒëĄœ 가넎ìč˜êž° 전에는 ìșë‚˜ë‹€ì—ì„œ 한ꔭ얎넌 가넎ìč˜êž° 시작했얎요. ìŽëŻŒìž 가정에서 옚 얎늰읎듀, í•œê”­ëŹží™”ì— êŽ€ì‹ŹìŽ 많은 십 대에서 성읞êčŒì§€ 닀양한 연ë č대의 학생듀을 지도하였슔니닀. ê·ž 전에는 한ꔭ 학생듀에êȌ 영얎넌 ê°€ë„Žìł€ì–Žìš”. 대ìȮ로 학생듀에êČŒì„œ 신êČœì„ 많읎 ìšìŁŒêł  ë™êž°ë¶€ì—Źë„Œ 잘핎쀀닀는 평가넌 ë“ŁìŠ”ë‹ˆë‹€. ìƒˆëĄœìšŽ ì–žì–Žë„Œ 배우는 êČƒì€ ìžŹëŻžìžˆêł  펞안한 ì—Źì •ìŽ 되얎알 í•œë‹€êł  생각핎요. 싀수도 많읎 í•˜êł  ê·ž êłŒì •ì—ì„œ 많읎 ë°°ìšž 수 ìžˆë„ëĄ. 수업 ìžëŁŒëŠ” ëȘšë‘ 제가 ì œêł”í•©ë‹ˆë‹€, 한ꔭ얎에 대한 엎정만 ê°€ì§€êł  와 ìŁŒì„žìš”. 수업 ꎀ렚 ì§ˆëŹžìŽë‚˜ íŠč별한 요ìČ­ì‚Źí•­ìŽ 있윌시닀멎 부닎 갖지 ë§ˆì‹œêł  메시지 ìŁŒì‹œêł ìš”. 제 학생듀읎 한ꔭ ìƒí™œêłŒ 대화에 자연슀럜êȌ ì ì‘í•˜ë„ëĄ 도움읎 ë˜êł  싶얎요. ê°ì‚Źí•©ë‹ˆë‹€.
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briefcaseExpérience professionnelle

Over 2,600+ Online Korean lessons since 2020
Online platforms - Seoul, South Korea
It enabled me to lead effective online classes for different individuals.
2017 - 2020
Korean language tutor
Canada & Seoul, Korea
Tutored students for one-to-one & group lessons
2017 - 2019
Korean language teacher
Rembrandt Open class - Canada
Worked as a Korean teacher for immigrants
2007 - 2011
English teacher for Korean SAT
HeN English Academy - Seoul, Korea
Taught Korean high-school students to prepare for the university entrance exam.


Teaching Language Online
Ireland based qualification center for teaching and learning
Focus on leading efficient one-to-one lessons.
Teach Korean as a foreign language
National Institute of Korean Language - Seoul, Korea
Korean Language Teacher
EN-KR Interpreter and translator
Int'l Interpreter & Translator Association - Seoul, Korea
Certificate of Qualification (Accredited by Korean Ministry)

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