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Ling J.

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Chinois mandarin
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Chinois mandarin
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Chinois mandarin
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À propos de moi

Hello, I am Ling, a native Chinese speaker. I speak both French and English as well as Mandarin. I am currently working full-time as an online teacher on Verbling. I can improve your pronunciation and speaking skills as well as prepare you for the HSK exams ( HSK1-4 ) if that is your goal.

In addition, I am working as a part-time Mandarin speaking tutor at Easy Chinese in Guangzhou, China.

I am experienced in teaching both adults and children, especially beginners. My students find me patient, conscientious and upbeat. I love when students ask me questions during the lessons, and I even love your mistakes, Mistakes tell us what we can focus on. So, no need to be shy! If you are a beginner or if you already have some Mandarin and want to improve your skills, don't hesitate to contact me and book a trial lesson. I will be happy to be your teacher! Talk to you soon!

▲ Textbook ▲
The textbooks:
Beginner Integrated Course:
"New Practical Chinese Reader" Level1 is available both in English/French;
"New Practical Chinese Reader" Level2 (only English)

For hobby/travel:
"Experiencing Chinese - Living in China" available both in English / French
"Experiencing Chinese - Travelling in China" available both in English / French

"Developing Chinese-Elementary Speaking Course" A2 (English)
"Developing Chinese-Intermediate Speaking Course" B1(English)
"Developing Chinese-Intermediate Speaking Course" B2 (English)

HSK Standard Course 1-5
*Other textbooks, please specify.

▲ Please note ▲
*If you want to use your own books, please make sure to send me the PDF before class.
*If you are beginner level or upper beginner level, I suggest you do the lesson with a book.
* The dialogues based on the textbook can be developed to the one more close to the real life.
*In my class, you need to take notes, please prepare a notebook and a pen, or print out the whole book if you'd like to. :)

▲ Package ▲
*For absolute beginners: Learning Pinyin is the first step to learning Chinese, therefore Pinyin Package ( Chinese Introductory course - Pinyin) is specially designed for you, this package is divided into 10 sessions. In the first session, I am going to introduce you the language and how to learn Pinyin (Chinese phonetic alphabets) efficiently, easily. In each session, we will learn several Chinese alphabets (finals & initials), I take you to do pronunciation practice ( tone changes, sound discrimination etc). In the meantime, you will be asked to master 1 or 2 Chinese characters for each lesson if you'd like to. I can also show you how to write the characters properly (stroke orders, radicals). If necessary, you will be given some homework.

Any questions please let me know.❤️

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briefcaseExpérience professionnelle

2017 - 2017
Teaching Chinese Mandarin as a part-time job
Easy Chinese - Guangzhou, China
Teaching adults one-to-one (mainly beginners) basic language skills (Pinyin, grammar, vocabulary, etc)
2016 - 2017
Teaching Chinese as a private teacher
Focus on speaking skills, the ability to making long sentences


2016 - 2017
Certificate of Academic English & International Business Studies
SOAS University of London - UK
English Language & Academic Studies
2013 - 2016
Dipôme d'études supérieures en Commerce et Management Opérationnel
ESC La Rochelle - France
Business studies in French