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Łukasz Załuski

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À propos de moi

Cześć! My name is Łukasz (yep, with the strange Polish first letter!). In 2012, I completed my postgraduate studies ‘Teaching Polish as Foreign Language’ from the University of Warsaw, with the highest attainment. I subsequently spent four years teaching Polish to individuals from all over the world.

Currently, I work as an editor at a popular-science magazine. In my free time, I work with foreigners teaching them Polish and the culture of Poland. I also train my students how to survive in my home city – beautiful Warsaw.

I enjoy working with foreigners. My past and current students include Romanians (including one cheerful 11-year-old boy), Germans, Brazilians, Latvians, Japanese, Greeks, Hungarians, Swiss, Indians, Canadians, French, American and Italians.

I am fascinated by linguistics in general. The structure of the language, grammar and etymology were always my points of interests. Knowing how my own language works I am able to explain it easier to the others. I also understand how important is to tailor personalized lessons. That is why I prepare a lot of exercises dedicated to my students’ needs.

I love meeting people. I am always curious about their culture and customs and I love sharing my knowledge about Poland and Polish traditions. My interest in linguistics leads me to learning new languages.

I am actually a language geek! Besides English and Latin I have been learning French and Spanish for years. I also studied Turkish for few months. This language really fascinates me – its regularity is almost unreal.

I graduated from University of Warsaw with a Masters in International Relations in 2005. I defended my thesis on ‘Argentine Republic role in international relations from 1981 to 2001’.

In my free time I also like to play tennis and sweat in a CrossFit box.

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2011 - 2012
“Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language” of the Faculty of Polish Studies
University of Warsaw - Warsaw, Poland
The Postgraduate Course in Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language was addressed to those graduates of the Department of Polish Language and other humanities departments possessing an excellent knowledge of Polish grammar and culture. The course trains future teachers of Polish as a foreign language, as well as lecturers in Polish Culture for Foreigners based in Poland and other countries.

briefcaseExpérience professionnelle

2016 - 0
Teacher of Polish language
Italki - Warsaw, Poland
I teach Polish language and culture via Skype
2014 - 0
Teacher of Polish language
Cartus - Warsaw, Poland
I work for a relocating company. My role is to teach people from all over the world who come to Warsaw. For last two years I've been working with more than 10 people on one-by-one lessons from different countries and cultures.