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Grec moderne
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Grec moderne
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#1 verbling Online Greek Teacher - More than 2000 Sessions
- Do you feel nervous trying to speak to native Greek speakers?
- Do you struggle to use the correct grammar and put the words together?

I am Thanasis from Greece and my passion is to help people improve their speaking skills so that they talk in Greek with confidence.

If you are ready to take the next step, book a class now and improve your speaking confidence!
If you are a beginner or want to speak better Greek, that’s my specialty

I teach online full-time since 2012 and I make sure my students improve their speaking skills, interact with confidence and get results. If you are a beginner or want to improve and speak better Greek, that's my specialty.

The most effective method to become fluent in Greek!

What to expect from your lessons?

We will have the lesson in an online classroom with high-quality video and audio and interactive whiteboards where you can
- study with updated and colorful materials
- write on the whiteboard using the keyboard and the classroom’s markup tools, this way you take an active part by writing, highlighting or underlining
- watch videos and listen to Greek songs
- record your voice – very useful for your reading and speaking skills.play educational games
- have all the pdf’s, audio files and lesson notes
- build and master the vocabulary with flashcard games
- upload your files, have homework assignments and reviews

We will work on
o Speaking Practice on a wide range of topics and real-life situations
o Vocabulary and Grammar Development
o Listening and Reading Comprehension
o Phonetics and Accent Reduction
o Writing Correction and Test preparation

Regular weekly schedule
Learning is effective when it’s regular. Reserve your favorite time slots and set a consistent schedule.
For a normal learning pace schedule 2 lessons a week and for a fast learning pace schedule 3 hours a week. Every lesson is 55 minutes.

Book a Lesson now!
*Session last 55 minutes
*Only for adults (18+ years old)
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2012 - 2013
University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Certificate of Teaching Greek as a Second / Foreign Language


2016 - 2017
Teaching Greek as a Foreign / Second Language
Hellenic Centre of the Greek language, University of Thessaloniki, Greece - Thessaloniki, Greece
Teaching Greek as a Foreign / Second Language
2015 - 2015
Έτσι Μαθαίνω
The Online Teacher
2015 - 2015
Hellenic Culture Center
Teaching Reading Comprehension for all levels of Greek as a foreign language
2012 - 2012
Hellenic Culture Centre
The design of a lesson and a course based on the needs of the students of Modern Greek
2004 - 2004
Certificate of Proficiency in English
University of Michigan

Cours particuliers

60 minutes