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Yujin Yujin

12:41 PM (GMT-06:00)


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À propos de moi

Hi, I am Yujin(유진) from South Korea.

Hi, I am Yujin who is a certified/professional/bright/friendly Korean teacher.

I have my own unique/effective/fun teaching curriculum for my students.
To MAXIMIZE the effectiveness of the learning, I try my best to let my students FULLY understand what they learn and make it as THEIRS.
So, after my grammar points/guided teaching, I will bring my students to my virtually simulated CONVERSATION world to boost their outcomes!
It contains the customized/student oriented/fun and interesting resources to help my students LEAD the conversation and actively ENGAGE the learning activities.

** I always prepare every lesson individually for satisfying each student's needs. In the first class, after checking your needs and goals for learning, I will demonstrate how my fun classes are conducted and let you try my session to get an idea of my class, then I will plan your entire learning process for the best way to achieve your goals.**

I have my own teaching resources and materials which contains effective and fun ways to learn Korean.
I can use other textbooks as well if my students have a specific goal/way to learn Korean such as TOPIK exam. However, if my students want a proper guideline for learning Korean, I can definitely help you since I am professional about it.

****What my lessons specialize in.. ****
1. Effective learning - I have my own teaching resources which are very helpful/fun/engaging with the most effective and practical teaching styles.
2. A lot of support - after the class, sending students the summary of my lesson(PDF, audio files, google docs, google spreadsheet)and help them review and do their homework by themselves
3. Motivating and Vigorous class - I have a very profound understanding of Korean language, so I can say Korean is beautifully scientific and mechanical language to be so fun to learn. If you study Korean with me, you will find Korean very interesting and attractive so you cannot stop learning:)

1. for beginners
I can teach students the (very) basic of Korean, help them to start learning Korean properly, and make them build the essential and fundamental structure of Korean (focus on Korean alphabet usage, clear pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, etc)

2. for high-beginners to intermediate
I will teach them very useful grammar points and how to organize words and sentences which can help them to use Korean accurately and fluently and go to higher levels. we will apply many sentences to diverse situations and cases, and practice it in a conversational way.

3. for intermediate to advanced (learner's needs)
I can focus on the parts students feel hard about the most. I can prepare the lesson based on the students' needs. I will help them to reduce their mistakes and polish their expression into the most natural ways+ more lessons related to Hanja. I will try my best to make my students totally confident with using Korean by themselves!

4. Informal Korean (free conversation- more than intermediate level)
Only focus on improving conversational skills, I will provide endlessly interesting topics and issues.

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Expérience d'enseignement

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2012 - 2016
B. A. Korean Education and English Education (double major)
Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - Seoul, South Korea
trained to be a certified Korean teacher

briefcaseExpérience professionnelle

Freelanced Korean Online Teacher
South Korea, Australia, Canada
2015 - 2017
Korean teacher
Masan Health and Family Support Center - Changwon, South Korea
teaching Korean to immigrants for helping them settle in Korea.
2014 - 2015
Korean teacher
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA, the United States
offering Korean class on weekends


2012 - 2016
Korean Instructor Certificate
Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - Seoul, South Korea
the certification for teaching Korean to speakers of English
2014 - 2016
Certificate of Korean Language Teacher (Level 2)
Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism - Republic of Korea
the national certification for teaching Korean

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