Italian slang words

Sometimes little things matter, like the italian slang small words!

If you 've already been in Italy you probably heard these expressions, and if you are planning a trip to this beautiful and lively Country you'll definitely call me to say thank you! 😆

Anyway, if you want to sound more like an italian native and understand better movies or tv series or just people talking, then you need to read this!


is the expression of not knowing something. For example when you crash you're father's car and he asks where is it and raising both shoulders you answer "Don't know!"
- Dov'è la mia macchina?
- Boh?!


"I wish"
It costs nothing to dream!

-Perché non compri un biglietto della lotteria? Potresti vincere! Why don't you by a lottery ticket? You could win!

Another meaning for this word is like a maybe full of expectations!

- Il mio ragazzo non si fa sentire da giorni. E se mi ha lasciato? I Haven't heard from my boyfriend for days. What if he left me?
- Magari ti chiama dopo! Maybe he will call you later!


Thank God an easy word!!

- Ho trovato le chiavi, menomale! Thank God I found the keys!
- Menomale che ha smesso di piovere! Luckily it has stopped raining!


Ok, here the fun part.
This expression, that we can literally translate with "what balls", denotes boredome, intolerance.
"what a pain", "it sucks"

- Oggi non ho voglia di lavorare, che palle! Today I'm not in the mood for work, it sucks!
(but don't tell it to your boss...remember, it's a swear word!!)


This is a very popular word. It means:
  • that is to say
- Sono arrivato il 13, cioè domenica. I arrived on the 13th, that is, Sunday.

  • a question to request an explanation or an expression to give explanation
- Vengo tra poco. I'll come soon.  - Cioè?  Which means...?

Want more? Let's talk about italian slang in our class to speak this language more naturally but above all ... to have fun!

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