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Chinese Culture About Greetings (中国人打招呼文化)

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When Chinese people exchange greetings, they often address others by using their family name with title, like Li Jing Li (Manager Li). They show their respects to other people in this way. In the daily life, Chinese people generally call each other by full names, like Wang Hong (Wang is last name, Hong is first name). Only among good friends or family member, Chinese people will call each other by their first name, like Jianli (Jianli is first name, no last name here). If your Chinese friends, colleague or business partners call you just by your first name, maybe they think you are their good friend.
中国人在互相问候时,称呼对方时经常是对方的姓加上头衔,比如李经理。 这是表示尊敬对方的一种方式。在日常生活中,中国人一般都称呼对方全名,比如王红(王是姓,红是名字)。只有在好朋友或家人之间,才在称呼时,只用对方的名字,比如建立(建立只是名字,没有加姓)。如果你的中国朋友、同事或者是商务伙伴称呼你时,只称呼你名字,也许他们认为你是他们的好朋友。