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Great way for learning POLISH!

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I am sure that plenty of you are looking for the fastest way of learning the Polish language. I can tell you that the Polish language is not so demanding and difficult like you may think. This language is an amazing adventure and I can assure you that it gives you a lot of satisfaction when you speak Polish. But! How start to be fluent in it? The answer is super easy! Start TO TALK. Especially if you are talking about 80% and your teacher or tutor only for 20%.

You can speak even if you are a beginner! There is a lot of opportunities to do this. For instance, a lot of role plays, games speaking or debates about something really important. It pushes you to talk and in this way from step to step you are getting better. What do you think about it? Do you think that grammar might be useful? Also! But everything has to be done in an interactive, interesting and funny way! It is important to connect fun with useful, do you agree?