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Il pane

6 anni fa
Hello everybody!
Today I would like to start a discussion on a food that is of primary importance: bread. In Italy there are many types of bread. Here are some:
  • la michetta/la rosetta. It is a small sandwich made more of a crust than a crumb. In fact, inside it is empty.
  • il filoncino. It is an elongated sandwich of about 30 cm in diameter 6/7 cm. It's great to stuff maybe with mortadella.
  • il filone. More rustic made of unrefined wheat and wider than the filoncino.
  • il panino integrale/all'olio/al latte. A small plump bread made with wholemeal flour/with oil/with milk.
  • la pagnotta. Bigger than il panino.
  • il pancarrè. Square bread.
  • la frisella. Baked bread. To eat it, wet it with water and season with tomato and olive oil.
  • la puccia. Bread with black olives. .... and more...