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Julie Bates

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Hi there!

I'm an experienced English teacher with a huge passion for pronunciation & online teaching. I teach British English pronunciation using what is known as the 'articulatory approach' based on the theories of Caleb Gattegno and further developed by the teachers at Pronunciation Science in London. I also teach English Immersion, a course which offers students a complete course in General English, covering all the major skills - vocabulary, grammar, reading & functional skills - and which uses materials specifically designed for the online teaching environment.

The articulatory approach to teaching pronunciation ensures that my students don't have to rely on the more hit-and-miss, 'listen and repeat' model of learning pronunciation. Instead, I teach them how to correctly pronounce English sounds according to the placement of their articulators - that's their lips, teeth, tongue and jaw - which I teach in conjunction with a thorough and immersive understanding of the phonetic alphabet.

In addition to articulation, I also teach the other essential aspects of pronunciation - stress and reduction and how these form of the bedrock of English rhythm); and intonation, which is how we use melody to create meaning and express ourselves in English. Finally, students work on a series of oral presentations which gives the chance to practise integrating all three skills - articulation, stress and reduction, and intonation - together. The presentations ensure that students get to practise their new pronunciation skills thoroughly before finishing learning with me. They finish the course feeling empowered by the knowledge that they now have all the skills they need to have good pronunciation for life.

My English Immersion course is fully comprehensive and comes with a package of pre-prepared materials designed to help my students to rapidly move up to the next level of English.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that students are exposed to a different skill - vocabulary, grammar, reading and functional skills - every lesson. Students benefit from learning with materials which have been specifically designed for the online environment and which are fun, interactive and thoroughly modern.

Students who wish to study with me are invited to take a level test, after which they will be placed in the correct band for their level. Bands range from A1.1 to C2.2 with two sub-levels per level. Regular but small, manageable chunks of homework are set to ensure that learning continues outside the classroom.

Thanks to the fully comprehensive curriculum in my English Immersion course, students can study with me all the way from A1 to C2 level. I am also able to offer students a comprehensive curriculum in Business English from B1 to B6.

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schoolStudi e Formazione

2015 - 2017
MA Screenwriting
University of the Arts London - London
Master of Arts degree in screenwriting.
1997 - 1998
MA Literary Theory (Postmodernity)
Cardiff University - Wales
Master of Arts degree in Literary Theory, covering all of the main movements in Critical and Cultural Theory with a focus on postmodernism.
1996 - 1996
Teaching Pronunciation Differently
Pronunciation Science - London
Introduction to the articulatory approach to teaching pronunciation based on the teachings of Caleb Gattegno.
1996 - 1996
International House - Lisbon
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults.
1992 - 1995
BA English
Cardiff University - Wales
Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, covering all of the major periods of English from medieval literature until now.