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Hello, and thank you for considering me on your English-learning journey!

I teach adults who are of intermediate-advanced level. I do not teach beginners, sorry about that! (It's just because I haven't had the right training for that). My teaching style is relaxed, patient, and engaging. I make lessons comfortable and interesting for students, but I will also correct your mistakes and challenge you. I respect each student's learning style and can adapt to suit different goals and interests.

I believe in a natural, simple approach to improving English ability. For example, if you are worried about an upcoming conversation with your new boss, I will take the role of your boss and we will practice that conversation until you feel confident with it.

My classes are usually conversation-based. I don't give lecture classes, and I don't have a curriculum or syllabus, but I always end up talking about grammar, idioms, vocabulary, and pronunciation in the process of having a conversation with students. If you have something specific you need to prepare for, such as an upcoming interview or presentation, I can definitely help you with that! I am also happy to answer any questions you have about material you are learning in other English classes or by yourself, and help with document editing/proofreading.

I have a lot of travel experience, especially in Asia, Europe, and Mexico, which has made me comfortable relating to all kinds of people. I enjoy getting to know my students' personalities and cultures, and inspiring them to reach for their dreams!

A little about me and my interests: I love reading, writing, philosophy, animals, and music (I play violin). I'm currently living a nomadic life, traveling to a different country every 3 months.

All the best!

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American English


schoolStudi e Formazione

2008 - 2010
M.A. in English (Literature)
University of Victoria - Victoria, BC, Canada
Focus in Modernist Literature
2004 - 2008
B.A. in English (Literature)
Willamette University - Salem, Oregon, USA
Graduated with Department Honors

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

2011 - 2012
English Professor
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - Yongin, South Korea
Led classes of 20-30 students in English grammar and vocabulary. The course title was "Practical English."
2010 - 2011
English Teacher
Pagoda Academy (Direct English) - Seoul, South Korea
Led one-to-one English classes/tutoring session for adults and university students. Teaching covered conversational and business English, as well as interview preparation.
2007 - 2008
English Tutor
Willamette University - Salem, Oregon, USA
Assisted Japanese exchange students from Tokyo International University who were attending Willamette University. I helped them with their English homework assignments, as well as providing conversation practice and mentoring on life in the U.S. Tutoring was done both 1-to-1 and in small groups of 2-5 students.
2016 - 0
Freelance editor/proofreader
Freelance/through various online platforms - San Francisco, California, USA and Online
I help adults and university students to complete and fine-tune various writing projects. Recent projects have included graduate school admission essays and an MBA thesis.
2016 - 0
English Tutor
Freelance/through various online platforms - San Francisco, California, USA and Online
I tutor adults one-to-one in conversational English. I have tutored students from China, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and the Phillippines.


2007 - 2008
Level 1 Advanced Certification from the National Tutoring Association
Willamette University - Salem, Oregon, USA
Certification was earned as part of my training for being a Peer Tutor for Tokyo International University exchange students