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My name is Ashley Deeks. I have been teaching and learning about learning for 20 years.

The most important thing when it comes to learning any language is personalisation yet not in the way one thinks!

This is the key to success in languages and anything for that matter!

I teach using accelerated and super learning techniques so you many learn English as fast as possible.

With accelerated learning alone one can look at 6 months from 0 to fluency and with super learning one is looking at 4 months (these times are averages and assume you are learning English from a language with a similar structure From other languages it takes a little longer). So how quickly can you learn when we combine these techniques? Why not come find out ;)

Some of these systems might seems strange to some people yet they have been tried and tested and proven to work with the upmost efficiency.

I have taught in many multinational corporations mainly at the top management and directorship levels. I have taught in schools, language schools and privately to all levels. I have taught clients English from the age of 2 up to 70.

Are you moving to a country?

Do you need English for business communication or general language learning?

Not only am I a language teacher I am also a learning specialist with specialisations in Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD and I welcome anyone who does these things to learn English with me, whatever your level! Many teachers are thrown by this "curve ball" student. I love it and openly enjoy it and understand how you learn correctly.

With this combination of expertise I have also studied many of the learning methods used to learn languages in my quest to find the best methods available and while I can of course teacher the standard grammar and conversation classes I am specialised in whole language, accelerated and super learning techniques as I have found these to be more efficient, effective and longer lasting.

I have refined my methods for 20 years and now bring them to you, in person, online.

I use a mixture of reading, listening and conversational methods that along with a few other things.

I welcome students of all levels yet I love to work with beginners to see the rapid progressions of those that are motivated and do a little home study everyday.

I am looking for students who really want to learn, who have an open mind about learning and are willing to be adventurous in the way they learn.

The best way to study with me is by taking my courses they have been specifically designed to maximise your learning speeds. Each course comes with instructions which we will go through in detail during the live classes so that you fully understand exactly what is need to be done for success. I also give you written instructions on how to follow the course so if you feel the need to be able to translate them you can.

Many people are nervous, especially beginners when it comes to talking in person. This is the first thing we will address so that you can get into a Relaxed Learning State as soon as possible and start learning effectively.

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2002 - 2006
Interior Architecture
CENP - Madrid
Interior Architecture degree

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1997 - 2008
English teacher
Various language academies - Spain
Teaching English to all levels both personal and company classes
1998 - 2003
English school teacher
Brains school - Spain
Teaching English to children
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English teacher
Private teaching - Spain
Teaching English to all levels both personal and company classes


2000 - 2006
Various - Various
Studying how language and communication effects humans
2000 - 2001
NLC learning Specialst
NLC school - California
Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD specialist