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Nakia Sims

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Hello everyone I am Teacher Nakia. I graduated with honors. I have a teacher certification in Elementary Education through Sixth grade, EC-12, ESL , a law degree and an expired real estate license. I have taught English and public speaking classes for children and adults. My English Foreign Language students in the classroom and over 850 students online have passed proficiency exams. I have more than 12 years experience as a teacher. I would love to hear about your language goals (or anything else you think I should know), so feel free to send me a message when you book.
I've been teaching English since 2005, and over the years I've helped thousands of students build, improve, strengthen, and perfect their English language skills.
I emphasize: critical thinking, a positive attitude, an open mind, risk taking, and curiosity. We focus on exactly what you need for your specific goals, and I don't waste your time on things that aren't practical.
Finally, I take notes for you during class so you can relax and focus on speaking! These are NOT just quick notes in the chat screen: I offer all of my students a PDF document at the end of each session, which includes errors and corrections, vocabulary, and pronunciation notes from that class.

THEATER TEACHER with characters, costumes, props and the following dialects: British/Cockney, Jamaican, Southern, and New Jersey/New York

Dàjiā hǎo. Tāmen shì Nakia. Wǒ bìyè yú yīngyǔ (yǔyán hé fǎlǜ). Wǒ jiào guo dàrén xiǎohái xìjù hé gōngzhòng yǎnjiǎng. Wǒ yǒu yīgè fángdìchǎn zhízhào. Wǒ yǒu chāoguò 12 nián de jiàoshī jīngyàn.

Hola a todos. Ellos son Nakia. Me gradué en Inglés (Lengua y Derecho). He enseñado a adultos y niños teatro y hablar en público. Tenía una licencia de bienes raíces. Tengo más de 12 años de experiencia como profesor.
Ciao a tutti. Sono Nakia. Mi sono laureato in inglese (lingua e diritto). Ho insegnato a adulti e bambini a teatro e in pubblico. Avevo una licenza immobiliare. Ho più di 12 anni di esperienza come insegnante.

Italian: Ciao a tutti. Sono Nakia. Mi sono laureato in inglese (lingua e diritto). Ho insegnato a adulti e bambini a teatro e in pubblico. Avevo una licenza immobiliare. Ho più di 12 anni di esperienza come insegnante.

Всем привет. Это Накия. Я закончил на английском (язык и право). Я преподавал взрослых и детей. Театр и публичные выступления. У меня была лицензия на недвижимость. У меня более 12 лет опыта работы в качестве учителя.
Vsem privet. Eto Nakiya. YA zakonchil na angliyskom (yazyk i pravo). YA prepodaval vzroslykh i detey. Teatr i publichnyye vystupleniya. U menya byla litsenziya na nedvizhimost'. U menya boleye 12 let opyta raboty v kachestve uchitelya.

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schoolStudi e Formazione

2017 - 2016
TOEFL Certificate
VIPKID Online Courses - Beijing, China
TOEFL, English Foreign Language, Total Physical Response (TPR)
2015 - 2014
Elementary through Sixth Grade Teacher Certification
Houston Independent School District - Houston, Texas
English, English as a Second Language
2007 - 2006
Real Estate License
CELI ONLINE Courses - Houston, Texas
Real Estate, Property Law, Contracts
2003 - 2003
Australian National University - Canberra, Australia
Law, Public Speaking, Hector Kinloch Public Speaking Award
2000 - 2003
Juris Doctorate, Law Degree
University of Texas School of Law - Austin, Texas
Order of the Barristers, Law, Public Speaking
1996 - 2000
Political Science, cum laude Honors
University of Houston - Houston, Texas
Social Science Alumni Award, Public Speaking, Government