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Carlos Sanz

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I am Carlos Sanz, I was born in Madrid 26 years ago and during the last 5 years I have been teaching Spanish. In 2015 I got graduated on Education and Foreign Languages studies at Alcala University. I had worked as English teacher and Educator. But also I have been working as a camp counselor and coordinator. Nowadays, I work as the coordinator of an association based on education through the nature environments, that it is called Madrid Outdoor Education.

My mother tongue is spanish, in addition I speak English and basic Polish. My accent is Castilian, also known as Spanish from Spain. This accent is neutral and easy to understand for all the spanish speakers.

In our lessons, you will be the protagonist. Therefore, our teaching-learning practice will be based on your needs, interests and characteristics. Whether is a beginners class, an advanced conversation class, working on vocabulary and pronunciation, or a preparation for taking the DELE exam. In order to do so, we will create a plan regarding your starting point even if is the first lesson or that you already have a higher level. Furthermore, we will approach the most suitable learning style for you, so that we will achieve your goals efficiently and making a long-life impact.

I am specialized in pronunciation techniques. Consequently I will provide you with tools and tips to improve your pronunciation and get a real native accent. Moreover, I am also an expert on learning techniques. Hence, we will deal with a vast amount of materials and resources, with the main aim to deepen your knowledge of Spain and its culture. Among this materials we will use dictionaries, movies, podcasts, magazines or newspapers, always based on your interests. All of it, with the main goal of creating the best possible atmosphere to learn while you enjoy and discover those aspects that will be more useful for you. In addition, we will follow different methodologies in order to maximise your autonomy, so you will be able to keep continuously improving your use of the spanish language by yourself and working to your own pace.

Finally, I will like to remark that during the whole process we will follow your progress and evolution. This, will allow us to adapt our lessons to what you need and what you are looking for. Another important feature will be the extra and support materials, which you will be provided with before, during and after every class so you can take the most advantage out of each and every lesson.

So if you are willing to improve your Spanish and become a native speaker, do not hesitate and LET’S GO FOR IT!

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schoolStudi e Formazione

2018 - 2019
Formador de Formadores
Escuela de ocio y tiempo libre de la Comunidad de Madrid - España
2018 - 2019
Coordinador y Director de Ocio y tiempo libre
Escuela Emocionate - España
2011 - 2015
Maestro Educación Primaria con Especialización en Lenguas Extranjeras
Universidad de Alcalá - España

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

2016 - 2017
Trabajador Social
Caritas Polonia - España
2018 - 0
Madrid Outdoor Education - España
2014 - 0
Profesor Particular de Castellano
Profesor Particular - España