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David Rahme

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Su di me

Hello! 🇿🇦 I am David, Kids and teens favorite teacher 🤩 right from South Africa. I lived in Australia for 4 years. 🇦🇺 With many years of experiences online and offline (I have 2 years Experience with over 700 lessons), I am here to help you achieve your dream 💪

Live your life without limits and discover the world of English 💭♾️

About me :
✔️Over 100 hours of experience
✔️Passionate and friendly
✔️Teenagers’ favorite teacher
✔️TOEFL expert
✔️Right next to you during all the process
✔️24/7 social media Q&A

What I offer ✨
🎉Promote confidence in children in their English ability
🎉Increase speaking fluency - Be able to talk like a native
🎉 Children friendly material (Vocabulary expansion)
🎉 Increase reading ability through children stories)
🎉Conversational topics and small talk around topics of your choice
🎉Improve reading and writing
🎉Pass the TOEFL exam with the highest score possible

Childrens English 😎
☀️Story telling
☀️Speaking practice
☀️English cartoons
☀️Little games and songs
☀️Submerged in an English atmosphere
☀️ Montessori's teaching style

Teenagers English 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Let’s prepare for studying abroad and your school exam
🔥Exam prepation
🔥Writing exercises
🔥Help with homework
🔥Gain interpretation skills with listening
🔥Writing comprehension - Improve reading and writing.
🔥Provide study tips to succeed in class
🔥Personal schedule to make you reach your goal

TOEFL preparation 📚
The best way to succeed on an exam? Being prepared!
I will make you ace your exams and enter that exam room feeling extremely confident
🛑Goal set
🛑Work on your difficulties & put forward your strengths
🛑Mock exams
🛑Practice exercises
🛑Guide and tips
🛑Value Packs

Business English 💼
Have a job interview? Need to prepare a presentation? Talk with your customers? ☀️Interview practice : Popular and unique interview questions
☀️Speech practice for formal business
☀️Increase speaking confidence during meeting and presentations
☀️Interact better with customers

Travel English 🛫
Going overseas may be stressful, but no worries, let’s get ready together!
🗾Ask for directions and recommendations
🗾Get through the airport and deal with airport customs
🗾Order food in restaurants
🗾Shop without any problems
🗾Visit the most beautiful attractions
🗾Meet new people and make friends
🗾Have realistic scenario practice with a native speaker such as practicing ordering food at a restaurant or asking for assistance at a shop.

◎Being absent◎
1. Quite busy teaching, so in order to guarantee students and teachers rights and interests, if you can’t attend class please do inform the teacher 12 hours before class
2. Within 12 hours, please contact the teacher. For the first time, 100% of the fee will be returned, the second time only 50% and after no refund will be made
3. Being absent without informing = No refund

✔️ Prepare for any test or exam (TOEFL and IELTS. TOEFL and IELTS)
✔️ Improve your conversation skills. Fluency level will increase dramatically!
✔️ Daily discussions of news and world events.
✔️Personalized worksheets and English tests.
✔️Potential homework (only if the student has enough time i.e wants the homework)
✔️ Focus on improving your writing and reading in English! (Also helps fluency)

I am a very understanding and patient teacher. I know how hard it can be to learn a new language with someone. I really try my best all the time to make the lessons and customized and enjoyable for you. I want you to WANT to come to lessons and have fun with them. That is why my whole teaching style is based on making sure my student is enjoying it and adapting my lessons to your preference. I can supply homework or not homework at all, I can give worksheets and activities or we can just have conversations. It is all based on how you learn and what is most effective for you.

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2017 - 2019
Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management
Boston City Campus - South Africa
Having the ability to understand the business environment and specialize in marketing aspect of business.
2018 - 2019
TEFL course
i-to-i - Johannesburg, South Africa
Focus on teaching the English language
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