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Enya Lin

4:27 AM (GMT+08:00)
Cinese Mandarino
Cinese Mandarino


Cinese Mandarino

Su di me

It is my honor to get to know you. I am an “experienced professional ”Chinese teacher with two International Teaching Chinese Certificates (TCSOL, USA, Person UK). I am a Native Mandarin Chinese speaker with perfect accent from Taiwan, which Mandarin is our official language. I also have an International Teaching English Certificate: TESOL. I also have lived in China for over 2 years so I am familiar with mainland China too.

*Teaching method:
I prefer the student-centered teaching method. I can explain things to you in English, or create a Chinese immersion environment to teach you the language upon your level. You will learn from a native Mandarin speaker who can help you achieve perfect Mandarin accent.

*What I teach:
a) Pinyin or Bopomofo system, b) Oral and Written languages, c) 4 skills –listening, speaking, reading and writing. d) Simplified or Traditional Character

*Student Comment:
There is a Chinese proverb- 嚴師出高徒/严师出高徒 (Pinyin: Yánshī chū gāotú). An detail-oriented teacher produces an excellent student.) I am encouraging and fun with high standards. I will help you to learn Chinese at your own pace and increase your vocabulary. I will help you speak with the correct tones, grammatically and fluently. Welcome to Enya online class!

*Teaching experiences:
I have been teaching foreigners from many different countries in Taipei, Taiwan for over than 3 years, (USA, England, New Zealand, Germany, Italian, Columbia, Honduras from South America, etc)

*Work Experiences: English Teacher, Business and Tourism Background:
I also have more than 5 years background in business. Not only can I teach your business Chinese but I can teach you how to deal with Chinese businesses in the Chinese way. I have also worked at a travel agency for some time. I can teach you Chinese history and about different Chinese landmarks, or any other professional knowledge about travel agency.

* Chinese vs. Western Culture
If you want to learn or are curious about Chinese culture, I can teach you the differences between Chinese and Western cultures. There are many interesting and surprising differences. I have lived in the England for 4 years and travel over 20 other countries in my life; therefore I have come across many of these cultural differences first hand.

If you have any questions, please message me in advance. I am looking forwards to seeing you in Enya online class. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!

My FB: https://www.facebook.com/EnyaMandarinTutor/

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schoolStudi e Formazione

2003 - 2006
Education in Guidance and Counselling Certificate
Newcastle University - United Kingdom
2002 - 2003
Interpretation and Translation Diploma- Chinese to English
Newcastle University - United Kingdom
1992 - 1997
B.A English Language and Literature
Fu-Jen Catholic University - Taipei, Taiwan

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Learn Chinese Institute - Taipei, Taiwan
2014 - 2013
Travel Agency Sales
Phoenix Tour - Taiwan
Abacus booking ticket, sales group travel product
2014 - 2000
Adult English Teacher
TutorABC - Taiwan
2014 - 2000
Trading-International Sales Representative
Taipei, Taiwan


2017 - 2017
PEARSON EDI (International Teaching Chinese Certificate)
Education Development International (EDI) - United Kingdom
2017 - 2017
TCSOL (Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Language Certificate)
2017 - 2017
TESOL (International Teaching English Certificate)
Uni Prep Institute - California, USA