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Hi! How are you?

My name is Estelle. I'm a native French speaker and FLE teacher who has been teaching French for more than 7 years to kids and adults.
I graduated a Master 2 in commercial and civil laws and also got a vet nurse license. In 2004 I passed my ESOL, FCE Cambridge certification. Straight away after graduating I decided traveling, learning languages and discovering different cultures.
I've been traveling for more than 12 years, in Latin America where I learned Spanish, in Asia, where I used to give English and French classes and I also lived a year in Australia.
I'm now helping people learning or improving their French by tutoring them in a fun and efficient way. I also helped some of my students to prepare and obtain their French naturalization tests (French nationality).
My students are kids and adults from different countries and backgrounds. They are learning French for various reasons and have different goals.
Some are learning French for school, for work, for leisure or for traveling.
Others are taking the classes to prepare and pass certain tests like the DELF, the TEF Canada, the IGCSE or to obtain French or Canadian citizenship.

I believe the only way of learning a language is practicing it and if possible with native speakers, like this you can learn the real way to speak and all the slang! I was also a language learner and still am as I'm learning Mandarin Chinese, Malay and Thai at the moment, so I exactly know what you are facing.
Learning a language is not easy but it can be really fun. Once you speak it's not only words or expressions you'll master but also you'll get to discover and understand new cultures, which is really nice and exciting! I really want to help you learning French in a relax fun but also serious and efficient way with no fear of speaking and making mistakes.

I will teach you French by talking about different useful topics (daily life, animal kingdom, sport, business, travels, doctors, events...), using the systematic approach and including grammar and conjugation. Like this, you can access the appropriate vocabulary and expressions and learn exactly what you need to know. It will be perfect to use it in your daily life, with you colleagues or when traveling. Speaking about many different topics seems to me a very good way to become fluent in any languages. You'll indeed be able to talk about everything very soon with other people. You'll be very proud of yourself !

Classes are catered for every level and goals. It's a bit easier if you already speak basic French but, if you don't, no worries, I also speak English and Spanish and a tiny bit of Chinese (level HSK 4) and Malay so we can communicate together without easily :)

I'm looking forward to meet you and to help you with your French !

To sum up :
I have more than 7 years experience.
Teaching kids and adults, beginners and more advanced students.
I teach conversational French, French for work, travels, leisure...
I help you preparing for the DELF, TEF Canada, TCF, ICGSE,
French or Canadian naturalization exam / citizenship
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The trial class is 30 minutes long. I'll teach you some French but the goal of this trial class is above all to discuss your needs, get to know each other a little and for me to plan and cater for our futures sessions. All questions welcome !
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SLC Malaysia - Malaysia

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French teacher online and one on one
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