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Guy Landau

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Hello! I am a language enthusiast, and have been working as a translator and Hebrew tutor since 2016, having privately tutored dozens of students of all levels and age groups - from total beginners to people who were already fluent and wanted practice, with ages ranging from 13 to 70 years old.

In addition to teaching languages during my military service in the touted 8200 Intelligence unit, I have developed a unique and proven methodology for teaching Hebrew based on my own experience, my in-depth knowledge of Hebrew grammar, and my academic education in Cognitive Science and Psychology which provides me with scientifically proven learning methods such as Spaced Repetition, mnemonic devices, testing, and associative learning.

This always-evolving curriculum is based off of my own materials and worksheets with the aim of making learning Hebrew as simple and effective as possible, and is specifically designed to help students overcome and master even the hardest and most complex parts of the language, such as verb conjugation, prepositions, and accent with ease. As you can see in the reviews, some of which are highlighted below - this system works. In fact, several students have specifically told me that I managed to "solve verbs" (a notorious roadblock for many Hebrew students) for them, thanks to a single lesson on the subject using these methods. The curriculum is also flexible and can be adapted to each student's individual needs.

If you're a total beginner, I will quickly get you to the point where we can start conversing. If you're experienced with Hebrew, I have many supplementary materials I have collected and created over time to help practice speaking, reading, sentence formulation and speech comprehension.

As far as I am concerned, the most important part of being a teacher is to adapt the method of teaching to the needs of the student, as different people study languages in different ways and for different reasons. That's why I have collected and developed a lot of varied material focusing on a wide array of topics, which can be easily adapted to different use-cases.

Here are a couple of student reviews (you can also find them further down in this page):
"Guy is hands down the best Hebrew teacher I have studied with (I tried 4 different teachers starting as a beginner). Guy has developed his own system and materials that breakdown Hebrew into a learnable way. His methods teach you grammar, reading, writing, and speaking. You can learn Hebrew pretty fast with his materials. Once I understood the basics of grammar, I was able to speak and have conversations. He understands what it is like to learn a language and to teach a language. Not only does he have systematic materials, he also has little tips and tricks for learning. I highly recommend lessons with Guy. You will progress much faster because of his organization and individualized planning. He is passionate about teaching language efficently. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, Guy has materials for you. He also holds great conversations for speaking practice."
-Joshua (September 2nd, 2020)

"I've been working with Guy for several months and I recommend him deeply if you're about to embark - or continue on - a Hebrew learning journey. He is innovative, hyper-organized, and takes my learning seriously. He's created an entire fleet of customized materials and resources for students that you'd be hard-pressed to find in the 'commercial' Hebrew-learning marketplace; and obviously pours a lot of care and detail into these materials. He's also a serious student of language in general and finds interesting ways to connect grammar or linguistic concepts to other nodes and stories and the evolution of Hebrew and this stuff adds color and richness to the learning process. He's a wellspring of knowledge on the nuances of grammar and verb forms and so much- it's nuts!! On top of all that Guy is also a kind and flexible person who is dedicated to your learning, which makes everything really easeful and supportive. I've learned a lot in just a few months' time and attribute that to Guy's teaching methodology and materials!"
-Arielle (October 15th, 2020)

"I’ve been learning with Guy for the last five months or so and he is an incredibly thorough and knowledgeable teacher. His deep understanding of the grammar and fundamentals of Hebrew make him an invaluable teacher of the language.

I'd say that I had a very good to advanced grasp of the Hebrew language prior to taking lessons with Guy. However, because I only had a vague sense of the rules and mechanics of the language, I mostly relied on intuition and what I've heard spoken by others when trying to speak Hebrew. This made it hard for me to consistently try to speak Hebrew because I lacked the confidence in knowing that I was speaking correctly.

Guy's approach to our lessons is to fill in the fundamental knowledge of the language that I'm missing. [...] He works with the language that I’ve already grasped and challenges me to understand why, based on the grammar/rules he's taught me, the Hebrew I'm using is correct. Being that he is a language enthusiast and has learned other languages on his own, his approach to teaching Hebrew is very practical. He developed his methods based on his own experiences and it reflects in his worksheets and lessons. I find myself noticing and applying the skills I learned with Guy almost immediately following our lessons. [...] Since he is fluent in both Hebrew and Arabic, Guy will explain the origins of the rules and their exceptions making it a lot easier for me to grasp the concepts being explained.

I’ve tried learning Hebrew before using the various apps available and found it to be a frustrating game of memory, and ever since I started learning Hebrew with Guy, my focus has been on everything but memorizing. If you are looking for a teacher of advanced Hebrew, I can’t recommend Guy more!"
-Ruchama (August 27th, 2021)
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Le mie lezioni di prova

The trial lesson varies between students. After you book the trial I will send you a few questions so I can tailor the lesson to your needs. We'll start with explaining the learning principles I use and use them to easily teach you 1-2 relevant topics to you to show you their effectiveness.

For most students, the trial lesson involves learning letters (if necessary), past+present tense verbs, and/or Roots&Patterns.

Please reserve 45 minutes for the trial lesson.
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briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

Private Hebrew Tutor
2015 - 2017
Arabic Teacher for various classified courses in the IDF
IDF - Israel
Taught Arabic as part of my military service to people in various roles within the army
2013 - 0
Full-Time Translator
Freelance - Israel
Have been working with languages as a translator full-time for over 5 years, giving me intimate understanding of linguistics and the subtleties of language


2014 - 2014
Army Language Course
IDF - Israel
Graduated top of my class in a classified intensive linguistics program in the IDF

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