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Louise Robertson

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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Louise and I want to welcome you to my page on Verbling.

You’re here because you’re learning English, right? Fantastic!

I help people like you make the most of the English you already know and expand it in fabulous, colourful and descriptive ways.

I think English is amazing, and I guess you do too (otherwise why would you be here?) You listen with awe and wonder when native speakers talk; they are inventive and imaginative curling words this way and that to suit their needs.

“I want to be able to speak like that. Like a native” is what runs through your mind when you hear English being spoken with such ease.

But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

You decide that the way to be a native speaker is to learn lots of words. Lots and lots of words. You fill notebook after notebook with words, never using a single one in a conversation. Frustrated that it's not working, you turn to an all English dictionary – 'it has ALL the words, after all, so I’ll just read that, then I’ll know them all too!'

Frustration. Endless frustration.

Conversations with others are awkward, you speak in broken sentences, panic makes your heart beat faster, even the thought of speaking gives you butterflies in your tummy, you may even get stage fright and say nothing at all!

I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be like that. You don't need endless lists of words that you never use, you don't need to carry that huge all English dictionary with you everywhere you go. All you need are three things:

* A journal/notebook (and a pen)
* The English you already know
* Me

In our sessions, we'll use the vocabulary you already know, and we'll expand it. We'll practice it. We'll use it over and over again. We'll talk in detail. I'll ask you questions, you'll ask me questions, we'll have a conversation. You'll make that vocabulary your own.

There'll be homework, there's no point in working hard with me for an hour or two a week and then never use what you've learnt again!

It'll be worth it.

You'll be conversation ready. You'll have magnificent phrases and clever vocabulary that will have people scratching their heads and thinking, 'I thought they were Spanish/Italian/Russian/insert your nationality here, but wow they really know their English!

So ditch the word lists, put the dictionary on a shelf and let's get talking.


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1990 - 1993
Napier University
HND Business Studies with Languages - German and Spanish

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1994 - 2008
Project Manager
Worked for a large financial services company. Providing project management and consulting to a variety of corporate departments.


2014 - 2014
Cambridge CELTA
2013 - 2013
150 hours of English Teaching learning, Grammar, lesson planning, online teaching and practical practice.