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Manuel Graziani

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Su di me

Dear Verbling Community,
My name is Manuel and I am an Italian native speaker. I would love to be a part of the Verbling's team of professional tutors and teachers! Here are some quick points about me:

My experience:
I am a language enthusiast and I am very passionate about teaching languages. I currently live near Varese, in the north of Italy, but my parents are from Siena, Tuscany, home of the true Italian language. I have studied languages in Siena and I have been teaching English and Italian in for 5 years, both online and in class. In this fantastic experience, I have learned how to manage different type of students in different age groups, from young high schoolers to adult entrepreneurs. I have now developed a personal way of teaching languages trough media exposure and immersion and I believe that listening and talking is really the most effective way to learn. I also work as a freelance translator and proofreader and I can definitely help you with anything related to that.

My goal:
I want to help you learn Italian and English in a way that is both effective and fun. It's an incredibly rewarding experience to see people achieve their language goals knowing you have helped them do it. Plus, I love to get to know people from around the world who share my passion for language and learning. I really want you to be able to speak fluently and I will stick with you and help you until we make it happen.

My hobbies:
I love to share my hobbies with my students as most of the time they make for awesome material for conversation and I learn a lot of new things myself about their culture and habits.
I love to read, especially fantasy novels. I am a huge fan of Harry potter, The Song of Ice and Fire and the Mist of Avalon.
I also love anime manga and dorama, I always try to follow as many as possible: it’s a fantastic way to build listening skill in Japanese while having fun doing it (I watched Kimi no na wa 4 times now and I adore it)
I love movies and I watch anything that seems good enough and that is not going to make me sleep or cringe too much.
When I am not at my Pc working and drinking litres of coffee, I enjoy cooking. I especially like Italian and Japanese cuisine. Lately, I am fixated in preparing tempura. My mother says that I am getting decent but I would like to improve it.
Sometimes in summer, I do some sports: volleyball, beach volley, tennis and table tennis.

My method:
I think one of the keys to learning a new language is engagement: If you can keep yourself engaged throughout the learning process you are pretty much guaranteed to succeed. I am a language student myself, and I know very well the struggles that you need to face when learning a new language. I am currently studying French, German, Spanish, and Japanese and I have reached the European standard level B1/B2 with all of them. At the beginning, I used to force myself to learn streams of single word and grammar points one by one, but that wasn't working for me, it wasn’t practical nor fun. I tried different methods before realising that media immersion and conversation were really the most effective and practical way to learn for me. I shared it with my students with very good results both with online and traditional classrooms. As your teacher, I would like you to be able to learn in the most exciting way possible and I believe that with conversation, media exposure and language immersion, you can definitely achieve that.I will guide you trough the whole process of learning.
Each lesson I will:

Tell you where you need to improve.
Answer all of your questions.
Give you assignments and revise them.
Adjust to match your learning curve.
Always be available to you via chat and email (even after our lessons).

In a way, you can see me as your personal trainer for English and Italian.
If you follow my instructions you will reach fluency easily and with nothing more than 15 minutes a day of practice.

First step!
If you are confused on how to proceed, just book the introductory free lesson. Once we know each other and we assess your level, we will decide your next steps.

Thank you for reading trough all of this! I can't wait to meet you:D

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