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Marina Sensei

8:13 AM (GMT+08:00)



Su di me

✅ Currently Teaching at College
✅ Holding Master's Degree in Japanese Linguistics
✅ 7 Years of Teaching Experiences with Beginners to Intermediate Students
✅ All Levels Are Welcome

⭐Do you want to learn how to speak like a native? I want you be confident and enjoy speaking Japanese! 😊

🔵 My primary focus is for you to build vocabulary and improve the wording so you can communicate with Japanese speakers smoothly.

🔵 I care about my students. I enjoy meeting new students and learning about their cultures and backgrounds as much as teaching Japanese :-)

🔵 Have been teaching Japanese since 2016; initially started off at language schools and online, and now at college.

🔵 I love languages, and am a language learner myself. So I can understand the struggles as a student. English is my second language and I have also studied basic Italian, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. I love languages!

🔵 I love traveling the world and have traveled +40 countries. That’s why I have been away from Japan and living abroad and teaching languages. I am looking forward to hearing your stories!

■■My Background■■
🟣 Career as a teacher:
I have been teaching English and Japanese to a group of adult learners at a language school, and providing one-on-one private lessons online since 2016.

Then since 2019 I have been teaching Japanese at college.

I have teacher's certificates both from Japan and the US.

I also studied linguistics at a graduate level.

🟣 Business Japanese:
I also have work experiences in corporate in Japan. I can provide you lessons on interviews, resumes, manners and Business Japanese.

🟣 Japanese in Anime and Manga:
I read many novels in Japanese as well as manga and watch Anime. I am a big fan of:

💛💗 AOT (Attack on Titan), Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba), Miyazaki Hayao, JJK (Jyujyutsu Kaisen), Haikyuu, Family Spy, most of the shonen manga

If you are also interested in Japanese novels, manga, and anime, we can talk about these in Conversation courses.

■■My Class■■
🟠 I teach adults only.

🟡 I offer four different types of classes;
📕Grammar + Conversation (A1 to B2)
📕Conversation + Vocab (B1 and up)
📕Reading + Vocab (All levels)
📕Writing + Vocab (All levels)

Regardless of what course you may take, you will be talking A LOT in Japanese with me!

🟡 For the Grammar + Conversation course, we can use Genki, Marugoto or NHK World as textbooks for beginners. For intermediate level, we can use Tobira or Irodori. If you do not have any intention of buying a textbook, no worries. I have copies for you. If you are a begginer, let's do Grammar and buid a solid foundation in Japanese. We will have some conversation activities there as well.

🟡 I usually give students homework to better prepare for the following class. If you do not like it, please let me know. But I highly recommend doing it in order to improve your Japanese faster.

🟡 My teaching style is relaxed, and I help you develop your Japanese skills with lessons which are relevant to your own personal needs.

🟡 We will try to communicate in Japanese as much as possible, but if there is a time when you are too tired to speak it or have questions that you prefer asking in English, feel free to switch it to English. Don't get stressed out. Language learning is supposed to be fun, so let's enjoy the process. I am here to help!

■■Cancellation Policy■■
🙌 If you wish to reschedule or cancel a lesson, please notify me at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled time via Verbling chat. The lesson which starts in 12 hours or less cannot be rescheduled or canceled, and no refund will be made to the student.

🙌 If you are going to be late for a lesson, it is OK as long as you let me know via Verbling chat. I will wait for you. However, if you are late for more than 15 minutes without letting me know, the lesson will be cancelled and the full lesson fee will be charged.

Thank you for your understanding😥
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Le mie lezioni di prova

😌This is an orientation session for first-time students. Let's check your Japanese level and decide what type of lesson is a best fit for you. Also, ask me any questions/concerns you have before starting a lesson.

I enjoy meeting and getting to know my future students in trial lessons. I am a very friendly and supportive teacher who genuinely wants to help you with your Japanese.

A trial lesson is *28 minutes* due to back-to-back lessons, so it is important that we start and stop on time😌
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Standard Japanese
Standard Japanese


schoolStudi e Formazione

2019 - 2020
Master of Arts in Japanese
My research was on excessive use of honorifics by Japanese speakers

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

2019 - 2020
Japanese Drill Instructor
College in NY - USA
2016 - 2019
Bilingual (Japanese/ English) Instructor
Private Language School - Tokyo, Japan
2020 - 0
Japanese Instructor
College in Hawaii - USA


2019 - 2019
2019 - 2019
Teacher Training Certificate of Completion