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Hello. My name is Matthew and welcome to my profile. I have a master's degree from the University of Bristol and have been teaching English for four years now. I am currently living in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I have also taught English in Spain and Brazil.

Business English

Two years ago I decided to specialize in Business English. Many people decide to learn English for work-related reasons and I believe my lessons are some of the most efficient in this field. There is a huge amount of colloquial language to learn and familiarize yourself with but how do you know what are the most important are most typically used phrases? I don't waste time teaching you stuff you can't apply or won't come across in real life. I truly believe my lessons plans are some of the most efficient around. I am currently teaching business English in Vietnam and I am always adapting my lessons to make them more effective.

Exam preparation

When teaching in Spain and Brazil I was working in academies which prepared people for the Cambridge exams. I have also examined many students who were hoping to pass these examinations. I have amassed a lot of experience in the way these exams are formatted and I know first hand what an examiner looks for when judging a students capacity to communicate and how the final mark is evaluated.

Okay, so why choose me?

There are so many options right! Well, Firstly when hiring a teacher you need to know what you are going to get and I believe having some chemistry is massively important as when you are having fun in a lesson the chances of learning and obtaining information are hugely increased. I try my utmost to make my lessons as fun and as dynamic as possible and vary in subject. I obviously adapt to people’s interests and personality’s but I believe an ABC process of learning a language is not always the best way to make sufficient progress. I have taught people from every level and it is difficult to say what level I enjoy teaching the most as every level brings unique challenges. For people who have an advanced level, I make my lessons challenging and try to make my students realize and appreciate that the steps to fluency don’t have to be painstaking, instead they can be a lot of fun. Simply put not many people are great at something they have zero passion for, we can keep in contact between lessons also as I'm a dedicated professional and I really care about my students. Thank you very much for your time.

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