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Pablo Arribas

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→👨‍🏫👋 ¡Hola! I am Pablo, a Spanish teacher from Spain. I didn't study numbers but I can tell you that I've taught more than +2000 students so far!!! I am a certified Spanish teacher, and I have been teaching Spanish for almost 10 years now. I teach Spanish language, translation, culture and Spanish civilization online and at all levels: school, high school, university, private classes and Instituto Cervantes.

→❓ I know what problems you may encounter through your learning process due to the fact that I teach Spanish as a Foreign Language so I am very used to teaching foreigners like you. Learning a new language is very exciting, and we all want to do it as fast as possible. Learning about a culture comes also together with the language itself, and I can tell you this from my experience learning English, French and Portuguese.
I am working exclusively as a Spanish teacher, so I am full time available to follow your learning process.

→🧑‍🎓 Training & Experience
I obtained a degree in Translation & Interpreting, a Master’s degree in Teaching and a Master's in Institutional translation at the University of Alicante. I also studied in Liverpool for my year abroad and in the United States for another year, where I was both teaching and attending some classes. I also been trained with many courses from Instituto Cervantes and other official institutions for teacher training.
In the last few years, I have been teaching and translating in France 🇫🇷, United States 🇺🇸, Luxembourg 🇱🇺, England 🇬🇧, and Spain 🇪🇸.

⭐BUT for me teaching Spanish has a wider meaning and implies a lot of things. One is knowing the vast reality and all the countries where Spanish is spoken, each one with a different culture, accent, history, and so forth. I'm in love with Latin America, and so far I've been to Mexico 🇲🇽, Perú 🇵🇪, Colombia 🇨🇴, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and my plans are to keep traveling and making friends from all countries. I'd glad to share suggestions and advice on how to travel to these places!

→🙋‍♂️ Learning Focus
My approach is communicative, aimed at making students speak & participate as much as possible by using a variety of materials, such as: audios, videos, pictures, stories, press articles, etc. I design my own materials based in the best Spanish learning books. We can decide together what your priorities are, in order to achieve quickly your goals.
I adapt and personalize my classes to you and my teaching is based on the communicative approach. I am specialized in Spanish for academic and for business purposes. I use real and daily situations to make it more practical and FUN!! 😊 You will learn also about non-verbal communication, what people do in Spain and other Spanish Speaking countries, hobbies, etc.
➡️Of course, you will learn grammar topics, but no worries, they do not have to be bored, you will get them from context and through simplified schemes. Learning contents are provided before/after the lessons. Also I prepare DELE or SIELE official exams.

⚠️BOOK a free class and see you 🔜I am more than happy to help you improve your Spanish communication skills! ¡Te espero!

🎯 You will develop all the necessary skills to master Spanish with focusing on:

📚 Reading
✏️ Writing
📢 Pronunciation
👂 Listening
👄 Speaking
🧠 Fluency
📑 Vocabulary
➕ And much more…

→✅ Teaching material
⭐Documents prepared for you:
⭐Documents from books, worksheets, internet files, etc.
⭐Google docs
⭐Archivos de audio
⭐Archivos de imagen
⭐Archivos de vídeo
⭐Artículos y noticias
⭐Presentación de diapositivas / PPT
⭐Plantillas y ejemplos de exámenes
⭐Prensa actualizada
⭐Series de TV/cine
⭐Acceso a plataformas

Statistiche insegnante

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schoolStudi e Formazione

2011 - 2013
Master’s Degree in Institutional Translation
University of Alicante - Spain
Further research on translation: theory and practice
2011 - 2012
MA in Secondary Education Teaching
University of Alicante - Spain
Teaching at secondary level
2007 - 2011
B.A. Translation and Interpreting: English, French, Catalan, Arabic, legal and economics translation, terminology, interpreting, and so forth.
University of Alicante - Spain

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

Spanish Teacher
Teacher of Spanish for Politics
Sciences Po - France
Teacher of Spanish for Business
2018 - 2020
Teacher of Spanish for Business
INSEEC School of Business & Economics
2017 - 2020
Teacher of Spanish for Business
Kedge Business School
2017 - 2020
Spanish Teacher
Instituto Cervantes
2016 - 2018
Spanish Professor
Université Montaigne - France
2015 - 2016
Spanish Fulbright Teaching Assistant
Susquehanna University - USA
2014 - 2015
Spanish Teacher
Éducation Nationale - France
2014 - 2014
Translator trainee
European Court of Auditors - Luxembourg
2013 - 2014
Language Teaching Assistant
Éducation Nationale - France
2006 - 2012
English Teacher
Private classes - Spain


Acreeditación examinador DELE
Instituto Cevantes