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Being a South African and living in South Africa is an amazing experience, as it is one of the most diverse, interesting and beautiful countries in the world. We have 11 official languages, 2 of which I speak, read and write fluently. I have visited 7 other countries thus far and enjoy travelling and meeting new people.

I have been teaching English to students for over two years now and love what I do, as there is no greater satisfaction in helping someone who wants to learn, to achieve their goals.

Having worked for over 30 years in many various industries (and in numerous positions such as Human Resources Manager and Senior Management amongst others) and having raised a family, I have a lot of experience in life in general. Consequently, I share that experience and enhance my pure teaching skills by being able to relate to all kinds of people of all ages and backgrounds.

I am a keen sportsman (including open ocean swimming, cycling, squash, golf, basketball and football), and also have numerous other hobbies including photography, computing and strangely enough - Lego building!

I'm able to teach, coach and tutor and always adjust my material to suit my student. I've taught students from 7 years to 65 years plus.

Although I can be quite serious when it comes to business, I have a witty sense of humour and enjoy having a good laugh.

We can have classes involving conversations, attending to written tasks and tackling specific challenges that you might face as a learner of English. I've had a lot of experience and success preparing students in English for job interviews and am able to assist every level of student.

Most importantly, I believe that the best learning takes place when there is fun to be had, so regardless of whether we are merely chatting, or having a serious lesson, I am focused on my student enjoying the class and coming away from it with learning having taken place. I also ensure that I give my students a lot of written feedback during and after the lesson, so they can refer to it all the time for their own benefit and self-improvement.

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2010 - 2011
Mini MBA
University of Pretoria's Gordon Institute of Business Science - Johannesburg, South Africa
Focus on Leadership and Business Management

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On-line English tutoring
yoli and italki - On-line
Tutoring all levels of students - age 7 years to 70