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Rachel Bathgate

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Su di me

WHO AM I? I am bilingual, i.e. I've spoken both English and Italian and since I was born. I have always been interested in languages, and I am also trained in linguistics at the American University where I studied. I received my TEFL certificate in 2014 in France, and since I then, I've taught English and Italian through individual lessons and in schools. Currently, I work as a copyeditor and journalist for media in Catalonia.

WHAT IS MY EXPERIENCE? I started teaching English, French and Italian in 2007, at the beginning of my university studies. At that time, I worked for the university (MSUD in the United States, Colorado) giving classes. I got my Bachelor's degree in French linguistics and philology. I continued to teach privately (I taught all ages and all levels through the years), and in 2014, I also got my TEFL certificate for teaching English. More recently, I worked for the academy Callan School of English in Barcelona, ​Spain. Currently, I live in Barcelona, and I continue to give private lessons.

MY STUDENTS: I've been teaching since 2007, and, since the beginning, Içe created my own courses. In the United States, my students passed their classes, and students I trained in Barcelona attained their desired level.

WHY DO I TEACH? Growing up speaking two languages ​​and after having learned three others, I believe deeply in the fact that languages ​​can bring a lot not only to the professional life of my students, but also that speak several languages ​​brings a lot to people's lives.

HOW WILL YOU LEARN WITH ME? During the 10 years that I gave English and Italian lessons, I concentrated on:
- pronunciation
- conversation
- writing and grammar
- culture
I've found that English teaching In Italy, France, Spain, and elsewhere tend to focus on writing and grammar, and people often aren't taught speaking nor with subjects they're interested in. My lessons are focused on conversation, but with reading material and/or media, along with visual and/or listening material in the student's area of ​​interest (sports, culture, politics, travel, etc.)

Statistiche insegnante

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schoolStudi e Formazione

2015 - 2016
Masters in Journalism
Blanquerna University - Barcelona, Spain
Advanced studies in Journalism
2008 - 2012
Bachelor's in modern languages
Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSUD) - Denver, Colorado, USA
Masters in French and Italian, a focus on English linguistics

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

2014 - 2016
English instructor
Callan School of English - Barcelona, Spain
Trained as a Callan Method English teacher, responsible for teaching up to stage 14 (last stage: 15), leading conversation groups, and monitoring exams.
2014 - 2014
English tutor/nanny
Private home (in a family) - Paris, France
Charged with furthering and understanding bilingual English language acquisition and designing creative solutions for incorporating English into a two-year-old child’s daily routine.
2008 - 2012
English, French, Spanish, and Italian tutor
Student Academic Success Tutoring (SAST) at MSUD - Denver, Colorado, USA
Responsible for English, Italian, French and Spanish lesson organization (culture/literature/grammar), working with various learning styles and disabilities, assisting students in review for exams.
2008 - 2009
Italian assistant professor
Front Range Community College - Frontrange, Colorado, USA
Collaborated with Italian professor in teaching and organizing an Adult Conversation/ Travel and a second level Italian course.
2009 - 0
English translator
Self Employed - Online
Worked on diverse translation projects including legal mandates, independent movie screenplays, and collaborated with other translators on independent literary works.
2012 - 0
Adult private English, Italian and French Tutor
Self-Employed - Denver, Colorado and San Francisco, California in the United States; Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; Soorts-Hossegor, France.
Handled lesson planning completely, along with homework assignments, creative teaching methods, textbook choice, and building and maintaining own student base.


2014 - 2014
English TEFL 140 hours combined I-to-I Certificate 
I-to-I TEFL - Received the certificate in Lyon, France
With an online and an in-person section, focused on different teaching methods, creativity, higher student productivity, ways to engage and relax students, teaching various levels, lesson planning (sometimes with very limited time), difficult classroom situations, and various social environments.
2011 - 2011
English Language and Learning
MSCUD Tutoring Center - Denver, Colorado, USA
Awarded certificate for excellence in language teaching in a University setting, from Metropolitan State University of Denver (USA)