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Jamie Murphy

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Su di me

Hello! my name is Jamie, I'm 31, I live in England and I'm a professional English teacher. I graduated from University with a bachelor of arts degree in English Language and Literature, giving me a firm grasp of the vocabulary and grammar skills which are necessary to have a varied knowledge of the English language. I then moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to obtain a TEFL certificate to teach English as a foreign language. Since passing this course I have worked at a number of advanced International language schools in Thailand, Vietnam and Colombia, teaching a range of age groups from kindergarten to adults. I have now accumulated five years of teaching experience, whilst in my spare time tutoring on an online teaching platform.

I have tutored one on one, held classes with as little as 10 students to as many as 50 and taught kids as young as 4 to adults as old as 40. This has allowed me to adopt a range of teaching methods to tailor my lesson plans to a multitude of requirements. Using a presentation, practice and production system, I teach my students to take the initiative first from watching me, then practising what I have shown them and then producing it themselves unaided! Practically the system varies depending on the students level but can be applied in any lesson whether online or in the classroom. In my experience of teaching advanced pupils the system is highly effective when looking at sentence structure, speaking skills and grammar. However with beginners and young children the focus is phonics and basic language.

I strive to incorporate technology frequently, using images (flashcards - drawings - posters), video and audio to set up each lesson in an inclusive and interactive way so students are engaged. I also present themes and topics 'weather', 'occupations', 'animals' to bring clarity to subject matters and to introduce more varied and challenging language in an appropriate easy to digest manner. Most of all no matter what your age group or skill set, my classes are supportive and most importantly fun!
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schoolStudi e Formazione

2017 - 2018
English Teacher
APAX ENGLISH - Hanoi, Vietnam
Popular language center in Vietnam with centers placed in 25 cities across the country. Responsible for 12 classes of mixed ages (4-16) and abilities. Utilized smart board and technologies in the classroom, including filming equipment for CTP (creative thinking project) lessons. Lessons included coursework which covered all of the essential English skills: reading, writing, phonics, speaking and grammar. Evaluated students monthly through academic reports and testing. Contributed constructive feedback to management regarding lesson structure and methodology.
2008 - 2011
B.A English
Plymouth University - Plymouth, UK
Language and Literature
2016 - 0
English Teacher
DADAABC - Shanghai, China
Online tutoring on the growing Chinese tutoring application Dadaabc. Students ages are between 4-14, with skill sets ranging from beginner to upper intermediate. Using a personable and engaging teaching style, I am required to make pre-planned material accessible to young, at times less able students, whilst creating a fun energized class.

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

2015 - 2016
English Teacher
NAPA International School - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Taught mixed ability Kindergarten classes whilst collaborating with my assistants to form the curriculum for each semester. Submitted lesson plans on a weekly basis and was responsible for the training of new English teachers. Explored the use of technology as a way of engaging students through song and imagery, teaching a variety of subjects such as science, maths, phonics, music and dance. Also helped in a multitude of extra curricula activities including after school lessons, one on one workshops, sports days and choreography for student productions.
2015 - 0
English Tutor
Nice Talk - Chiang Mai, Thailand
One to one tutoring online, using the Nicetalk app to teach students conversational English language via video call. Interacted with students of all ages.


2015 - 2015
TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language
SEE TEFL - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Month long course in which I was graded on my English grammar and teaching skills. Planned and taught five lessons, with classes ranging from kindergarten through to P6 (ages 4-14) and sizes from 10 students to as many as 50.