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Hi, I am Yaser, a software engineer and native Arabic speaker from Egypt, and I currently live in Hamburg, Germany. I have a passion for teaching and for Arabic language. I have been teaching Arabic online since 2012 and I got a lot of great feedback. Here are some reviews from my students that I am proud of:

"Yaser is easily one of the best teachers on Italki. He listens to his students well and is able to speed up or slow down his teaching depending on how the student is feeling. Besides that, he spends his free time creating different types of materials and resources so that students of any level can improve their Arabic language ability. If you're learning Arabic, don't hesitate to contact Yaser- you won't be disappointed!"

"Yaser is patient, obviously well experienced and very pleasant to talk to. He has a thorough understanding of the language and manages to explain grammatical concepts in a very clear and comprehensible way. He is also very patient. Yaser never makes you feel bad for any mistake you make but uses them as a means to further motivate you"

"I am a solid intermediate in Arabic and Yaser was an excellent teacher for my level. He had obviously done careful preparation for the lesson. He has an outstanding knowledge of Arabic grammar, and his English is excellent so explanations were very clear. Looking forward to future lessons!"

"Wow! There seems to be a 'science' in the Arabic language. I am really enjoying learning the language, which really makes a difference to the boring methods that are out there. Great teacher!"

"Arabic Grammar is finally making sense to me!!! Yaser is an outstanding Teacher!"

My teaching guidelines:

1. Practice
You can only learn a language by actually speaking it. My method is based on letting students express themselves by talking and constructing sentences or solving exercises while I try to limit my role to guiding the lesson. I try to give my students more space to talk and practice so that we make the most out of the lesson time.

2. Grammar
I don’t like approaches that completely exclude grammar from language teaching. Maybe this has to do with my love of Arabic grammar and its beautiful logic. But while I always highlight the importance of practice as the main way to learn a language, I find it useful to introduce grammar rules in a very simplified way. It speeds up the learning process and with practice, you shouldn't need to remember the rule. It just becomes second nature.

3. Flow
Flow is that state when you are fully immersed and focused on what you’re doing. You feel energised and you really enjoy the activity. A successful teacher in my opinion is one who makes it easy for the student to be in that state. If the teacher overwhelms the student with too much information, the student's progress is slow, he / she can’t reach flow. On the other hand, if the lesson is too easy, the student doesn’t feel challenge and gets bored. Flow occurs when you find the right balance between these 2 extremes so the student doesn’t feel frustrated and still feels challenged and stimulated. This makes learning a rewarding experience for both the student and the teacher

4. Reinforcement
Lessons build on top of each other so that old vocabulary and rules are continuously revised

Are you ready to start the journey ? I am looking forward to our first lesson :)

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