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Zoe Giordano

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Hello everyone, I’m Zoe, I’m 29 years old and I’m Italian. I lived many years abroad and I travel quite often, but now I live in my hometown, Genova, in the north of Italy.

I studied and I love intercultural communication because I think that the cultural interchange between people with different cultural and linguistic patterns is very powerful and interesting. I also speak Spanish, French and English.

I have a Master degree in teaching Italian as a foreign language and I had a very enriching experience teaching Italian to different level groups and one-on-one courses to people with a migrant background. I also had a year lasting experience giving private courses teaching English and Spanish in Brussels (Belgium), using printed and digital resources and focusing on dialogue as a very important tool.

I worked as a social educator and intercultural mediator with teenagers in difficult social, economic and living conditions, so I developed some educational strategies, deepened through educational courses based on the play education and therapy and the performing arts, oriented at learning by doing. I think teachers and students should find cultural and societal aspects of interest in order to feel more at ease in dialogues that, through practices and backed up by linguistic exercises, aim at building more confidence in the learner.

My work experience allowed me to focus on how to give attention to the learners' different profiles, so I'm used to shape my lessons by figuring out what kind of methodology would best fit a student. I use music, movies and newspapers or magazines articles starting from the interests of the learner in order to have a common playground of topics to discuss and let the student speak or write, practice and learn from his or her mistakes.

People say that I have a positive and dynamic attitude that motivates and encourages the students. A good and satisfying lesson is, for me, an interactive one, where conversation and grammar are both important and where we can discuss things to use language in a practical way, with particular attention to fluency and vocabulary.

I have a special interest for traveling and photography so I use these tools shaping them on the different areas, vocabulary and skills that are the most useful for the learners.

Finally, I think the best way is the cooperative learning, so I like building my teaching strategy with the learner, depending on the age and the level, to make him or her feel as much at ease and curious as possible.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

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schoolStudi e Formazione

2019 - 2019
Master Degree (Level II) in Italian as a foreign language
Università degli studi l'Orientale di Napoli - Napoli, Italia
How to teach the Italian language as a second or foreign language: strategies and pedagogic methodologies.

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2012 - 2019
Work Experience Curriculum
Various - Various
All my relevant work experience


2019 - 2019
DELE C1 Spanish
Instituto Cervantes de Napoles - Napoli, Italy
Language certificate, level C1.
2017 - 2017
DELF C1 French
Institut Français de Naples - Napoli, Italy
Language Certificate of French, Level C1.