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Do you Know America Culture?

I think no one has really explained American Culture properly and I'd like to take this time out of the day to explain.

America doesn't have a culture,no matter what you say America doesn't have a culture and it's very different almost anywhere. But America has a set of different people in different areas. I want to talk about the common people Japanese people see such as the Gamer,Nerd,Business Man, and traveler.

Yes, America is ultra Diverse and doesn't have a culture, many people do different things and act very different. Recently, as I've seen in this time period a lot of Americans follow television and many things set forth by the internet, Probably a brain wash culture today(As seen by me too movements)?

I Believe most of the Americans who travel to Japan are nerds. In my school day, nerds had a bad reputation. They were very much often found as weird, very skinny,smelled,bit athletic, and had a poor social life style. Which further develop to acts of crazy behavior which includes, racist,guns, lives with their mom at until 30 years old, and does anything but play games. These are the kids typically seen in Japan most likely bringing the same behavior or acting like it's they own the place "Big American",improper, or strange behavior.....(Like the kid's who break their controller and throw their Playstation at the wall when they lose)

The Gamer is typically the individual that likes video Games but has interest in Japan. Also cares about their appearance and lively-hood and stay in shape. Usually after High-School most Gamers quit video games due to it supposedly "not being cool anymore" or girls not liking it( Me I'm a Gamer for life), Gamers never Cos-Play. Some that are fortunate, or still keep their interest Visit Japan and partake in many cultural activities.(Some not many).

The business man is of course the business man I can't really say to much. Besides they're there for business.

Thank you for reading Japanese People. This is a actual snippet on American Culture.. No No NO, Not culture but American society. Theirs a ton of people with a ton of different personalities, But I wanted to give insight on people who travel to Japan. Many people may find this negative or etc., but let's not pretend, this is what's in American Society and largely, HUGELY observed and still goes on... Me personally I always had interest in Japan and was fortunate enough to visit( although I didn't want to leave brother behind so I didn't go), I find everything about the society Exciting!!! And traveling this year.