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Maria Teresa Zoppello

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Hi, my name is Maria Teresa. I’m Italian and I live in Hungary where I’ve been teaching Italian for more than twenty years. I obtained my certification as a teacher of Italian as a foreign language from Dilit International House in Rome.
I taught at High Schools, Language Schools and University.
Since many years I teach private clients.
Since 2011 I teach online.

I focus on intermediate and advanced learners of Italian who want
- to improve their Italian through writing and reading
- to express themselves effectively, using complex grammar and a wider vocabulary.

My lessons are an opportunity
- to get really in touch with the language, thinking through each sentence, without the urgency of speaking.
- to find a new and fun way to improve your grammar and vocabulary.
- to practice the language without having to speak all the time.

Maybe your job requires you to correspond in Italian.
Maybe you need to put together those 2/300 words to pass that life changing exam, the one that will give you a chance to improve your job or get a degree.
Maybe you want to read finally that Italian book.

If you want to write like an Italian and make your writing sparkle,
if you want to read in Italian and learn from Italian writers,

my lessons are the right place for you.

I can help you to find the right words and use the proper structure and grammar,
yes, even the very frightening congiuntivo and periodo ipotetico

During my lessons I use various props: reading, pictures, audios, videos, writing models.
Every week, I’ll send them to you together with an assignment. You’ll send it back to me and during the week we will work on it together.
During the lesson we’ll discuss it with all the questions you came up with.

Writing is my greatest strength, but I can help you to transform your spoken Italian as well.

Is this your problem?
You perfectly know the difference between passato prossimo and imperfetto; congiuntivo and periodo ipotetico hold no secrets for you

But, when you have to speak in Italian, suddenly your memory goes blank and you cannot even say what you did yesterday.

You are not alone, many share the same problem.

I can help you practising the most difficult grammar so that it will become a natural part of your speaking.
Talking and repeating, asking and questioning, and again talking, talking and talking.

If you decide to contact me for a trial lesson, I’ll send you a document to fill in, so that we can have a better idea of your level and your goals before we meet.

During the trial lesson, we’ll talk about the problems and how to improve. So, even if you decide not to have lessons with me, by the end of the trial lesson you’ll be able to know where and how to improve.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


60 minutes


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1978 - 1989
Degree in Italian Language and Literature
University of Padua - Italy
Focus on Italian Humanist Literature, Arts and language


1993 - 2007
Italian Teacher
Berlitz Language school - Budapest - Hungary
Teaching Italian language, for local Italian Certificates and Exams, work or to Italian language lovers
1994 - 2005
Italian Teacher
Péter Pázmány University - Budapest - Hungary
Italian Teacher for students of the Italian University Department
1994 - 1997
Italian Teacher
"Patrona Hungariae" Secondary School - Budapest - Hungary
Conversation lessons
1992 - 1994
Italian Teacher
Italian Cultural Institute - Budapest - Hungary
Language lessons for beginners
1993 - 1994
Italian Teacher
High School for Foreign Trade - Budapest - Hungary
Conversation lessons
1992 - 1993
Italian Teacher
Janus Pannonius University - Pécs - Hungary
Italian Theatre lessons for the students of the Italian Department
1989 - 1992
Substitute Italian Teacher
Italian Middle School - Italy
Substituting Italian teachers when they were ill for lessons of Italian Language and Literature
2007 - 0
Italian Tutor
Private Clients - Budapest - Hungary
Teaching Italian language, for local Italian Certificates and Exams or to Italian language lovers


1998 - 1998
DILIT-International House Certificate for teaching Italian as a foreign language
DILIT-International House - Rome - Italy
A month long workshop with theoretical and practical lessons about teaching Italian as a foreign language, from August 17 to September 11 1998


60 minutes