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Charlotte Lake

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I am an experienced freelance teacher who enjoys teaching people of all ages. I have had experience in various teaching roles since 2009 and am looking to further my career in the teaching industry and to work regularly in teaching.

I began teaching when I was an A Level student in college and have continued to teach since then. A more recent job was at Doc Fest, Europe’s largest documentary festival, where I was the photography coordinator. My role was to teach around a class of twenty plus, to take photos, to send them off to photograph the festival, the directors and delegates, and teach them how to edit the photographs to a high standard in order to send them off to press. I enjoyed this role because I was working with a diverse class of all ages. I felt inspired to continue this practice and recently finished working a similar role at Raindance Film Festival and London Short Film Festival.

My passion for teaching stems from my love of helping people. A teacher once said to me that I am always giving people good advice and ideas. I have thought about this a lot and I think teaching would be a great way to continue to do this and recognise my achievements and those of the people I have helped. I take a strong interest in languages; I read a lot and try my best to read books written by people all over the world so I can understand a diverse range of cultures and writing styles. I am also currently learning Spanish. I think being able to speak multiple languages is important and if I can have the opportunity to help others do this then I would love to be a part of the team.

Relevant Employment

Employment details - Raindance Film Festival - London
Freelance - I am working for Raindance Film Festival and its sponsor Lumix, to provide the best possible photography and coordination during the festival.
My role is to teach the volunteer photographers the basics of photography and get them used to the new Lumix cameras we will be given.
I provide basic retouching and editing knowledge, to help them send the best photos they can during the time they are given.
I work with a small class of four, so they should have lots of one to one contact time to learn a lot.
I also photograph events in the evenings, and working closely with the press and social media teams to ensure the events are covered to a high standard.

Employment details - Brood Cafe Bar at Roco - Sheffield
Part time, progressing to full time - Creative Cooperative Employee (Gallery Invigilator, Photographer, Barista, Chef, Retail) As a bar and café space there is often groups of young people and families around, it is part of my role to spend time with all of the customers to ensure they have the best experience possible. As part of a cooperative my responsibilities vary, which is great because I am always being challenged to do new things. Key responsibilities involved opening and closing the bar, having a constant positive, friendly and helpful approach with customers and clients, photographing events and products for social media, working the events and networking with guests, cheffing, being promoted to head chef, keeping up to date with the till and all new products.

Employment details - Doc Fest - Sheffield
Freelance - I started Doc Fest as a photography volunteer in 2015 and progressed to Photography coordinator in 2017-2019.
This involved organising the photography volunteers and their timetables.
Teaching a class of around twenty five volunteers how to correctly use a camera, how to photograph the events so they were respectful of the speakers and audience and how to upload and edit photos using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
Ensuring constant communication with the team and keeping the schedule and the photography folders up to date. I also spent a lot of time communicating with other team coordinators such as press and film to ensure we covered the festival to as high a standard as possible.

Employment details - Student Ambassador - Birmingham
Part Time - For part of the role I was given the opportunity to introduce AS and A Level students, in different College and schools around Cornwall, to their final A Level projects. I was also in charge of organising social events across my entire cohort at University, this included the years above me and below me, as well as, on occasion, events including families and friends.
The A level projects involved working with lots of young people aged 16 – 18. The social events were organised for 18+ but often my cohorts younger siblings would join in on the beginning and end of term activities including a boat trip, various exhibitions and a trip to the beach.
The A Level project was successful. I think teaching the A Level students at a University student was a really helpful way to engage with them because I was doing photography projects of my own which I used to help write my lesson plans for them. A lot of the time we would be in classes of students who didn’t seem keen to engage at the start of the workshops but would be really keen to get started on their new projects by the end of the day.


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2012 - 2015
Fashion Photography
Falmouth University - Cornwall, UK
2011 - 2012
Fine Art Foundation Diploma
Stourbridge College - Birmingham, UK
2009 - 2011
A Level
Stourbridge College - Birmingham, UK
A-level Textiles, A-level Graphic Design, A-level Fine Art, AS-level English Language and Literature


2019 - 2020
Online - London
140-hour Premier TEFL course
2009 - 2012
Peer Mentor
Stourbridge College - Birmingham, UK


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