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John Kenmuir

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(Last updated January 8, 2022)

Hello, I'm John! If you're planning on taking the IELTS exam, come and talk to me first. I was a speaking examiner for the IELTS exam from 2003 to 2009 in Shanghai, China (I worked for the Shanghai branch of the British Council). During this time, I examined more than 3,000 candidates with an accuracy of 98% (this is one of the requirements of being an examiner; the scores I awarded had to be perfect).

There are many, many websites that will provide you with the topics and old questions, lists of vocabulary to memorize, and so on. This is fine if you're happy with a band 6 and are content to squeeze by. I prefer to be more thorough; in my classes, you'll learn the best strategies for studying outside of your class, the logistics of the exam (which is equally important in the speaking test), how to answer a question you don't know anything about, and much more. We will study the reading techniques used by ESL students studying overseas, listening for taking classroom notes and working on group projects, and other skills. All of these skills can be used to master the IELTS exam and get the band score you deserve.

I can guarantee you a high band score if you're willing to invest your time and energy, but you must be willing to do the work. I understand you're busy with your job and other competing priorities, but you will only succeed by putting in the time and effort.

This is what I do; are you ready?

If you are, book a demo class with me and we will proceed from there. I only teach part-time on Verbling, but if you need to book a class at another time not on my schedule, please tell me and perhaps we can make another arrangement. Thank you for reading my introduction, and we will see you soon.


60 minutes


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1998 - 1998
CELTA (Certificate of English Language Training for Adults)
Columbia College (via Cambridge University, London, UK) - Vancouver, BC, Canada
One month, 100 hour onsite training course in how to deliver English language classes to non-native learners
1989 - 1994
Bachelor of Arts degree, English Literature major
University of Victoria - Victoria, BC, Canada
focus on English Literature & acquisition of research & essay writing skills


Freelance Online Teacher & Writer
miscellaneous Internet websites & schools
IELTS speaking/reading/listening classes, conversation practice, western culture, pronunciation, study skills
2015 - 2016
EAP Instructor / Lecturer
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals - Hafr al-Batin, Saudi Arabia
delivering intensive English language acquisition classes to university age males, administrative duties (attendance, marking homework, conducting & grading in-class exams, writing supplementary materials & exams, other duties as required)
2013 - 2014
EAP Instructor / Lecturer
Hong Ling Middle School - Shenzhen, China
Designed & delivered EAP classes to university age students, wrote course syllabus for EAP classes in introductory English & Western Culture, collaborated with Chinese teachers to assign student grades to more than 300 students, participated in extra-curricular student activities, other administrative duties as required
2012 - 2013
EAP/Oral English Instructor
Shanghai Dianji University - Minhang, Shanghai, China
Designed & delivered EAP classes to university age students, administrative duties (taking attendance, assigning & grading homework, writing supplementary study materials & exams, grading exams, other duties as required), participating in extracurricular activities with students
2008 - 2009
EAP Instructor / Lecturer
Sino-British College - Shanghai, China
Delivered EAP classes to university age students, wrote EAP supplementary study materials, administrative duties (taking attendance, supporting & making counselling recommendations to weaker students, writing student reference letters to international universities, other duties as required)
2005 - 2008
ESL Instructor / Course Lecturer
Campus College - Shanghai, China
Taught conversational English to university age students, wrote curriculum for & taught courses on Business English, Business Writing & Intercultural Communication
2004 - 2005
EAP Instructor
SILC (Sidney Institute of Language & Commerce) - Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China
Taught an Australian-based ESL/EAP curriculum to university age Business students, participated in extra curricular student activities, administrative duties (taking attendance, assigning & marking homework, writing, administering & grading exams, assigning grades, other duties as required)
2002 - 2003
EAP Instructor
Niagara College - Shanghai Commercial School, Shanghai, China
Taught beginner & intermediate ESL classes to senior high students as part of a joint program between Niagara College (Ontario, Canada) & Shanghai Commercial School
2001 - 2002
Grade 7 EAP Instructor
Dalian Maple Leaf International School - Dalian, Liaoning Province, China
Taught beginner & intermediate ESL classes to junior high boarding school students, wrote supplementary teaching materials, wrote, administered & graded exams, administrative duties (taking attendance, classroom management, other duties as required), participating in extra curricular activities, participating in staff meetings & staff projects
1998 - 2001
part-time & freelance ESL teacher
various institutions - Vancouver, BC, Canada
**had to return home due to family illness & emergency; taught part-time & on call for various ESL schools in the greater Vancouver Regional District
1997 - 1998
EAP Instructor
Gyeongsang National University - Chinju, South Korea
Taught listening, speaking & writing classes to university age freshman students, participated in extra curricular student activities, administrative duties as required (attendance, assigning grades, etc)
1995 - 1997
EFL Conversational Instructor
TOP Language Academy - Cheongju, South Korea
Taught English conversation to elementary age students at an after-school study center (or "hagwon", as they're known in South Korea), administrative duties as required


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