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I am Suttirat Pontaworn from YouTube channel "Speak Thai Possible with Naam". You can call me “Naam” which means water in Thai. I am a native Thai speaker born and raised in Thailand and I speak standard Thai.

In my class, I do not use any particular books because so far there are no such perfect books. Therefore, I use many books and sources and I created my self-made colorful materials in PDF for our lessons. We will learn and work on them in the class and you download them with or without annotation. At the end of every lesson, I share with your a link to access online flashcards with Thai-English audio for reviewing the learned vocabs. I will present everything to you during our trial class.

Learning and teaching languages are my passion. I can speak English fluently. My german is at the B1-B2 level and my french is about the A2 level. I was a student on Verbling and took lots of German and French classes here. Now I turn myself to become a Thai teacher and share my knowledge with this community.

Not every native speaker can teach their native language. It is not that simple as the way we learn our native language is not the same as how foreigners learn a new language as a second language.

I started collecting my teaching Thai experience from creating educational&entertaining content for my YouTube channel and answer my followers' questions actively. Please feel free to check it out to get to know more about me.

Additionally, I completed Teaching Thai to foreigners Training at Sumaa Language and Culture Institute. It is a well-known institute for teaching Thai as well as training Thai language teachers.

Currently, I offer a course of Thai tones training & accent reduction and Street Thai conversation. Most of the materials using in our class are customized and created by myself. I can present some of them to you during our trial class.

I am specialized in training Thai tones to non-tonal language speakers and fix pronunciation problems. I created a special method for learners to train their ears with Thai tones. I suggest you check out 2 videos on my channel to see how this method works.

1. Learn Thai: Best way to drill Thai tones in your brain with Easy&Practical Tones drill Part 1
2. Learn Thai: Drill Thai tones Part 2 | Don't Give Up Before Trying This Method

If you are happy with your progress and would like private training, you can book a class with me and we will do an advanced Training together with multiple syllable words and sentences. At the end of the training, you should be able to speak Thai and to sound like Thai.

For basic training, I suggest you practice by yourself with my videos. No need to pay me for a class. I am here to bring you to the next level. But if you would like private basic training, we can do it as well. Just message me :).

If you are interested in taking a Street Thai conversation class, I suggest you send me a message to describe your goal of learning, your Thai level, and your interests so I can plan a customized class with customized materials to meet your goals and match your interests.

I can propose a rough teaching plan to you via a message or I can explain it to you during our trial lesson. I would suggest we have a trial lesson before starting our real class so you know me, I know you then we can have fun while learning Thai :)

Also, my main focus is on teaching you spoken Thai, not written Thai like in textbooks in order that you can start having a real conversation and understanding conversation since day one. You will be encouraged to talk a lot in the class to build up your confidence in communicating in Thai.

For a beginner, I believe that you do not need to know everything, you just need to know what is most important to you and master it. To start speaking a language, you have to learn by heart a good amount of sentence structures and use them repeatedly. There are many grammar rules or pronunciation rules that the native speakers ignore and confuse you. I will teach you to understand Street Thai and speak Street Thai, not textbook outdatedThai.

I will teach you only what you really need to know to save time and what interests you to keep you motivated as repetition and motivation are key to the success of learning a language.

That’s all about me. I hope to see you in the class. Any doubts, please message me or book a trial class so we can see and get to know each other. Choke dee khaa! I can't wait to join our first lesson.


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2018 - 2019
Leonard De Vinci Business School - Paris, France
Online Marketing Strategy
2005 - 2009
B.A. Italian
Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok, Thailand


2012 - 2016
British Council (Thailand) - Bangkok, Thailand
2018 - 0
Content creator: "Speak Thai Possible with Naam" on YouTube, Facebook Page and Instagram
Bangkok, Thailand


2018 - 2018
Teaching Thai to Foreigners Training
Summa Language and Culture Institute - Bangkok, Thailand


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