How to learn Korean

Hello, this is Rachel Kang, a Korean teacher of Verbling.
I want to let you know how to study Korean.
As I've never been to other countries, I think I will give you some tips.
There are different ways to improve your language.

But the most important thing especially for speaking is not to be afraid of making mistakes.
Anyone can make mistakes. And it is not a bad thing.
There are many who studied a lot but can't speak that langugae.
In my country, Korea, many learned speaking English but most of them can't speak well because of being afraid of making mistakes.
If you are free from the idea that you should be perfect, then you can speak much better than before.

The second one is to practice a lot.
Practice makes perfect! Nobody is perfect from the first!
Although you learned some grammar, patterns, vocabulary... it is not necessary if you don't practice how to use it.
Reviewing and practicing whenever you have time is very important.
Our brain easily forgets everything. That is why we should review what we learned even in a short time.
There is a Korean saying.

구슬이 서말이라도 꿰어야 보배다.(Although the beads a lot, it could be treasure when you string.)

It means nothing is complete unless you put it in final shape. or No pains, no gains.
If grammar, vocabulary, patterns are beads, then practicing is string.
It becomes treasure when you practice.
I hope you would gain the treasure from Korean (or other language) lessons.

The last one is to use what you memorized.
When you memorize some words, you might memorize some words from word sheet.
If you don't know how to use the words, then I think it is useless.
After memorizing words and other words that are used with them, and then read the sentences which includes the words you memorized.
For example, if you memorized ~을 듣다, then you should memorize 듣다 with
음악, 소리, 잔소리, 꾸중 and so on.
After that make your own sentences. It really helps your writing.

If you just learned Korean from books, and worried of speaking and writing, then try these tips!
Then you have a lot of beads, just string them!

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