My room is a pigsty!

••• 내 방 폭탄맞았어! My room was bombed!
••• 내 방 돼지우리야! My room is a pigsty!

When your room, or any other place is quite unorganized, you can say ‘돼지우리(pigsty)’ to describe your messy room, as same as ‘폭탄맞았어(bombed)’ in Korean.
I think 99% of Korean mom uses this expression when she is nagging to her child(ren) to clean their room, no matter how old they are. ;-)

🤯 딸아, 대한민국에서 네 방만 폭탄 맞았니? 아주 돼지우리가 따로 없구나.
* I take ‘요’ off at the end of the sentence, because it is a casual phrase. You can use it to anyone who is really close to you

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