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Tom Joshua

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스와힐리어 (Swahili)
스와힐리어 (Swahili)

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스와힐리어 (Swahili)

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I am a passionate teacher and educator. I have been a teacher of the Swahili/English language for over 20 years. Due to my interests in perfecting both my spoken and writing skills, I am a voracious reader, a prolific writer and a keen listener to the BBC. I am offering myself as a potential online teacher as a result of my realization that there is a gap between the demand for perfect English/Swahili language tutors and the global need for the services.

I am a highly responsive and innovative teacher gifted with the ability to communicate eloquently. I am also able to engage my students and retain their attention for considerably long periods due to the interactive nature of my teaching. I often pay particular attention to the specific needs of my students so that I can adjust my mode of instruction and delivery to suit their unique individual challenges.

My classroom experience spans over 20 years of successful hands-on dealing with first-time learners of the English language. I, therefore, wish to expand my tutoring horizons by being a virtual teacher.

Besides, being a teacher, I am a proficient copywriter with undiluted confidence in my research skills and intuition for producing content that grabs attention, helps people and builds trust. As your tutor, I’ll think of creative ways of improving your learning experience by bringing initiative, drive, and creativity into your lessons. I am very passionate about teaching, having been a tutor of the English/Swahili languages for the last 25 years.

From my many years of practical teaching, I have evolved a teaching style that is compelling and thought-provoking because I am gifted with excellent English language speaking and writing skills whose basis is an insightful and exceptional power of communicating ideas succinctly. My top priority will be to create an interactive learning environment in which there is a strong feeling of community and a high sense of professionalism.

By applying creative and engaging approaches infused with a warm and friendly tone, I'll strive to ensure that my students get the best results from all the available collaborative tools.

Lastly, I'll make every effort to be a good time manager apart from being flexible and open to all sorts of feedback. To achieve your learning objectives, I'll observe the philosophy of being a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage.

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1998 - 2004
English Language and Literature Teacher
Got Rateng Mixed Secondary School - Kadongo, Kenya
Creativity and Drama
1994 - 1995
English Language Teacher
St. Lucy's Raruowa - Kandiege, Kenya
English Literature and Drama
1989 - 1991
English Language Teacher
Ongalo Secondary School - Kendubay, Kenya
Focus on grammar and Literature