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Hi! My name is Fernando. I was born in Spain, in La Rioja, a Northern region famous by its wine as well as for being the cradle of Spanish in the Monasteries of San Millán de la Cogolla. That's why I love to teach people like you to master my language and learn my culture. Throughout my life I have learned languages for work, business, travel and fun . This led me to take classes and make language exchanges. And finally, I became a graduated Spanish teacher to help others to master Spanish.

I can offer you classes tailored to your needs and preferences. I am a patient, organized, methodical, conversational and fun person. I can prepare both informal and casual classes for you to practice your Spanish and a structured and organized class calendar to achieve specific improvement objectives. And if you want to chat, we can talk about the news, comment on movies, series and novels, or discuss about various topics: science, technology, sports, economy, music … let's decide it together!

My teaching keys are:
1. Full immersion in Spanish so that your brain assimilates the language faster
2. The use of visual presentations easier to understand by your brain to learn faster
3. The use of your tastes and preferences, hobbies and passions
I just want to add that my teaching philosophy is based on that learning has to be fun. Learning a language is immerse yourself in a new culture, different and exciting. It is a travel through words. And I want to guide you in this wonderful trip!

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60 minutes

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2017 - 2018
Curso Superior Universitario de Profesor de Español para Extranjeros ELE
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos - Madrid
Curso Superior Universitario de Profesor de Español para Extranjeros (ELE) is an university degree to obtain the theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to dedicate yourself professionally to the teaching of Spanish. You will be able to design, apply and validate different didactic strategies for the learning and communication of Spanish as well as to plan the teaching process and the evaluation system of the students, in order to involve them in their learning process.
2010 - 2014
Ingeniero Industrial
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia - Madrid
Industrial Engineering higher degree studies.
2004 - 2004
English-Spanish translation and interpretation of scientific and technical texts
Universidad de La Rioja - Logroño
Study, translation and interpretation of scientific and technical texts from fields such as Physics or Engineering


2014 - 2016
Online Spanish Language Teacher
One-to-one Spanish lessons via Skype
2010 - 2013
Spanish Language Tutor
Instituto Riojano de la Juventud - Logroño
Meetings with foreigners visiting the city of Logroño and the region of La Rioja from all over the world (UK, Ireland, France, USA, Australia, Brazil, China...). Teaching Spanish through group lessons of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. One-to-one and group conversations to improve the speaking skills in Spanish.

1:1 개인 레슨

60 minutes