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Nastacia Kelsey

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I have my BA in Information Design, a degree focusing on fun and interactive ways to communicate information without relying heavily on words. This included learning to master the tools of design and animation. Before attaining my TEFL, I spent 3 years running my own marketing solutions company where I got plenty of experience in the art of design and animation, marketing and social media, as well as event co-ordination. So, if you would like to practice English in regards to any one of these fields, then I am the perfect teacher for you. What makes me a good teacher is that I am fun and outgoing. People find me very easy to talk to and so I tend to always get the best out of my students. Although the emphasis of my lessons is on communication and speaking skills, I do believe that reading and writing are just as important. I often set up tasks that require you to use a variety of skills so that you can be a great all-rounder. I believe phonics is one of the most important building blocks of a language. I will always pay a huge amount of attention to developing the muscle memory of your mouth in order to perfect your pronunciation. I have worked with students to break very strong accents before. Why choose me? Well there are many reasons. - I adapt very well to learners as I have had experience with many different kinds of students. From ambitious students who attempt to string highly complicated sentences and phrases together, to students who barely know the meaning of the word "hello". - I am interested in YOU. Not only do I want to see you thrive in my classes, but I want to know more about you, your life and your country. If you want to know more about me, I am also more than happy to share. I believe in building relationships with my students and keeping a personal and authentic feel to the lessons. - As I am a professional designer, I am highly creative and design all my own teaching materials according to the individual student's needs.

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2008 - 2012
B.A Information Design
University of Pretoria - Pretoria, South Africa
Focus is design, animation and communication


English Instructor
Shichida Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Whole brain teaching for early childhood development (0.5 - 6 years old). Nurturing creativity and intuition | Fine motor skill development | Classroom behaviour refinement | Memory training | Parent training and guidance | Curriculum development and improvement.
2017 - 2018
NET Teacher
Glory Learning House - Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
With a heavy focus on Phonics, mixed mediums, reading and writing, Glory Learning House is the greatest environment to explore more into the formal side of teaching.<br/>I current teach the Cambridge, Trinity, LMC and GAPSK syllabuses. This requires extreme flexibility, fast thinking and creativity.<br/>We have to prepare these little kids for written, oral, singing and acting exams.
2017 - 2017
Online English Teacher
51 Talk - Online
Online teaching is a whole different ball game compared to teaching in the classroom. You no longer have the physical contact aspects and your movements are restricted. Teaching online has taught valuable lessons in overcoming the distance the screen creates. My lessons are super interesting and interactive to avoid complacency. I am very animated/energetic and use my mouth and face a LOT. I'm also very patient with my students as I understand the frustration they can experience.
2016 - 2017
ESL Teacher
Feechers Teachers - Map Ammarit, Thailand
After attaining my TEFL certificate, I ventured to Thailand to begin my career as an ESL teacher. The agency I was hired by assigned me to a small jungle village far away from the tourist areas where people could not even understand a basic "hello". This proved to be my greatest challenge as a teacher and I learned very quickly to communicate and teach effectively without relying on my words. This has made me incredibly good at teaching and designing lessons/materials for extreme beginners.
2016 - 2016
Private Live-In Tutor
Paredes Family - Valencia, Spain
I was trusted to look after and tutor two Spanish girls, Rocio (3) and Alex (8), with the intention of expanding their vocabulary, correcting grammatical patterns adopted from direct Spanish translation and improving Phonics. During the school months, I would also assist Alex with homework and preparation for her English exams.


2016 - 2016
i-to-i Love TEFL - Online
Certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language 120 hours.